Nuclear Power in Alberta: What You Need to Know

Jan 31 2010 - 8:00pm to 11:30pm

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A Public Forum open to all interested parties to discuss issues related to nuclear power development in Alberta. The Environmental Research and Studies Centre has commissioned a group of social scientists to develop a synthesis report on the state of social-scientific knowledge pertaining to nuclear power development. The authors of the report will share their findings with forum participants, and a diverse set of discussants who have read the report will present their feedback. All participants will then have an opportunity to engage in dialogue with presenters and discussants during the proceedings. A cash bar reception will be held after the event for informal conversation and networking. Read more about Nuclear Power in Alberta: What You Need to Know


Myer Horowitz Theatre
University of Alberta
Edmonton , AB

Nuclear Will be Allowed — to make Alberta Look Clean

"A truly green energy future . does not include nuclear power."

Peace River — Mel Knight's announcement that nuclear power will be considered as an energy option in Alberta does not sit well with the Coalition for a Nuclear Free Alberta, the province-wide alliance of grassroots organizations opposed to nuclear development. Read more about Nuclear Will be Allowed — to make Alberta Look Clean

Peace River nuclear debate posted on YouTube

Nuclear power is indeed a hot button issue facing Albertans. Over the past 2 ½  years Nuclear Proponents such as Bruce Power have been spending millions of dollars on a campaign to convince Albertans that building a Nuclear Power plant or more in Alberta would be good for us. On the other side of the table, ordinary citizens, community and environmental groups have spent countless hours of volunteer time and resources to research the potential implications of nuclear power. Although the proponents claim that nuclear power is cheap, clean, safe, and the only real solution to climate change, the opponents see nuclear power as actually being very expensive, not so clean, would contribute to increased nuclear weapons proliferation and that nuclear power would take too long to implement to make any difference on climate change.

What do you know about nuclear power? Here is your chance to learn more about the pros and cons of nuclear power without too much trouble. The Peace River Environmental Society has teamed up with Citizens Against Nuclear Development, the Coalition for a Nuclear Free Alberta, and the Canadian Nuclear Society to bring some excellent speakers to Alberta and the Peace Region for a lively debate.

If you were unable to attend the Oct 21st 2009 debate in Peace River you can access the video footage of this event on YouTube from the comfort of your own home. Read more about Peace River nuclear debate posted on YouTube

Green Power Rally

Oct 27 2009 - 6:00pm

Citizens Advocating Use of Sustainable Energy (CAUSE) and CNFA member groups would like to invite everyone to join us in rallying in front our provincial legislature to try and convince our provincial government to stop subsidizing dangerous, obsolete and wasteful, environment destroying energy technologies with our tax dollars, and to stop preventing "Green Energy" technologies from taking root in our province. Read more about Green Power Rally


Alberta Legislature Building
10800 97 Avenue NW
Edmonton , AB

Coalition Launches Green Ribbon Campaign

The Coalition for a Nuclear Free Alberta (CNFA), comprised of a number of Alberta grassroots organizations, launched its province-wide Green Ribbon campaign today to try and convince the provincial government that investing in green renewable energy sources is the right choice for meeting our future electricity needs rather than the the costly and risky nuclear option being considered.

"The government has stated it will set policy on nuclear before the end of the fall sitting of the Legislature," says Adele Boucher Rymhs, Read more about Coalition Launches Green Ribbon Campaign

Hiroshima Day

Aug 6 2009 - 6:00pm to 7:00pm

Bring the kids and join The Wilderness Committee, Nuclear Free Alberta, the Sierra Club and 1000 origami Cranes at Edmonton City Hall to commemorate the dropping of an atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Two books will be read; Sadako by Eleanor Coerr to explain the significance of the paper cranes and Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who (which mentions the bombing of Hiroshima) to tell kids that their voice needs to be heard.

The event will also urge City Council to make Edmonton a Nuclear Free Zone. Read more about Hiroshima Day


City Hall
Edmonton , AB


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