Camping Fees: Breaking A UCP Election Promise

The Government of Alberta has introduced Bill 64, the Public Lands Amendment Act. This Act proposes a new Public Lands Camping Pass. AWA believes this initiative unjustifiably targets low impact users of Alberta’s backcountry and will reduce accessibility to public lands for lower income Albertans.

The UCP election platform promised to: “Apply a mandatory $30 trail permit fee to Off-Highway Vehicles (OHV) and camping trailers to pay for restoring and creating OHV trails and preventing damage in Alberta’s great outdoors, and to hire additional enforcement officers.” Read More

Approval of Jasper Development Ignores Public Outcry

Over the objections of almost 200,000 citizens, the federal government has approved the proposed “Brewster Glacier Discovery Walk” in Jasper National Park. Conservation organizations fear that the beauty and integrity of Jasper National Park are being surrendered to commercial interests, opening the door for more for-profit businesses to capitalize on the splendour of Canada’s most loved and protected landscapes. Read More

Around the World Using Human Power


Colin Angus and Julie Wafaei recently completed the first human powered circumnavigation of the earth. They cycled, rowed, hiked and skied from Vancouver across Siberia, Europe, the Atlantic Ocean, Central America and the USA - returning to Canada this past May. Join these two adventurers for stories of rare cultures, remote landscapes, and extreme challenges. Enjoy captivating photographs, video clips and props from the expedition as well as a 50 minute film detailing the entire 2-year, 43000 km journey! Read More

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