Living on Earth as if we want to stay - Mike Nickerson

Jun 26 2008 - 1:00am to 3:30am


More and more people are realizing that change is essential.

"Living on Earth as if we want to stay" is an invitation to discuss the sort of change necessary to secure long-term well-being.

Cures do not result from treating symptoms. The cause must be addressed. While Climate Change has captured public attention, it is a symptom of a greater challenge. That challenge is that the human species has grown to fill its planet. Read more about Living on Earth as if we want to stay - Mike Nickerson


Village Lifestyles
10429 79 Ave
Edmonton , AB

YEP Calgary Speaker Series: Sustainability and Supply Chain Management

Jun 11 2008 - 11:30pm

Young Environmental Professionals

Every business and organization has an impact on the environment — from the materials they use, their energy consumption, the services they buy, and the disposal of their waste and product. An organization must consider the entire product/service system and work cooperatively with suppliers to reduce their environmental footprint. Read more about YEP Calgary Speaker Series: Sustainability and Supply Chain Management


Ceili's Irish Pub
803 8 Avenue SW
Calgary , AB

What is your vision for Alberta?

by Martha Kostuch

Of course we want continued prosperity. Of course we want safe, affordable housing, good health care and accessible education. But the foundation of our well-being is really a healthy environment – clean air, clean water, healthy food, among other things. I can’t help but wonder how much attention our leaders are paying to the foundation these days.

The centerpiece of my vision for Alberta is a stable, resilient, healthy economy based on energies of the future, not energies of the past. This means ending our addiction to fossil fuels and using some of the revenues they generate to develop and implement alternative energy sources and to support energy conservation. We can do this, but not without strong leadership and a willingness to reflect on whether our current path is taking us where we want to go. Read more about What is your vision for Alberta?

Clean Calgary presents Waste at Home

Clean Calgary Association Waste at Home is a 50 minute presentation primarily aimed at educating Calgarians on how to reduce their environmental footprint including energy and water conservation, buying green and recycling just about everything!Price: $ 5.00 per personContact Information Lindsay Luhnau 230.1443 ext. 228 lindsay [at] cleancalgary [dot] org

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From Crisis to Hope: Building Just & Sustainable Communities

Parkland Institute Fall ConferenceA conference about consuming less and valuing people more. Our speakers will explore the implications of a transition to a post-carbon society and how we can and must make this transition in a way that is built on a foundation of social justice. This conference will cover: A Post Carbon Economy, Transportation and Interconnectedness, Governance, Spending Our Time Differently, Where We Live, What We Eat.

2007 Ecoliving Fair & Speaker Series

The EcoLiving Fair and Speaker Series is an annual event that invites all businesses, corporations, governments, academia and non profit organizations to exhibit their projects in a trade show and conference setting. The 2006 EcoLiving Fair included 52 exhibitors and 23 speakers. Each exhibitor must meet with our strict criteria and offer the general public an environmental solution.

Book Launch - The Economics of Happiness: Building Genuine Wealth

Despite increasing economic prosperity over the past 50 years, many conditions of well-being are in decline and rates of happiness are largely unchanged since the 1950s. Why do our measures of economic progress not reflect the values that make us happy: supportive relationships, meaningful work, a healthy environment, and spiritual well-being? Economist Mark Anielski has developed a new and practical economic model called Genuine Wealth that measures the real determinants of well-being and helps to redefine progress.

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