ENGO Capacity Building: Engaging Companies for Corporate Environmental Responsibility, New Approaches and Lessons Learned


This fall, join the Pembina Institute in the Rockies to discuss how Canadian ENGOs can best engage companies for corporate environmental responsibility, whether as adversaries or allies.From November 13-15th, Pembina will host a training workshop designed to help the Canadian ENGO community build the skills and knowledge necessary to more effectively engage companies operating in Canada. Highlights of the session include: Presentations by leading industry thinkers and practitioners on what makes companies tick and what ticks companies off; Pembina Institute lessons from 20 years of engaging companies for increased environmental responsibility, both as good cop and bad cop; Shared lessons from the experiences of 20-25 Canadian ENGOs and; A concluding “Thought Leader” forum, during which workshop attendees and industry/government representatives will collaboratively discuss approaches and solutions to a hot-button environmental issue. Read More


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