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ELC publishes Model for Harmonized Provincial Environmental and Sustainability Assessment

The Environmental Law Centre has published its Model for Harmonized Provincial Environmental and Sustainability Assessment:

In recent years, federal environmental assessment law has undergone radical changes resulting in a reduced number and scope of federal environmental assessment.  Consequently, the provinces are positioned to take a greater role in environmental assessment as the federal government takes a step back. In light of a reduced federal role, the province to province cooperation and coordination can play a greater role. This may include expansion of regional environmental assessment and strategic environmental assessment within and across provinces.

This report builds upon the ELC's publication A Model Environmental and Sustainability Assessment Law by establishing the criteria necessary for successful province to province cooperation and coordination.  As well, this report explores the means by which a province can implement regional environmental assessment and strategic environmental assessment within their own borders and cooperatively with other provinces.  Recognizing that ecological regions and policy decisions may not respect political boundaries, moving beyond traditional project based environmental assessment and creating broader frameworks for decision-making requires province to province cooperation and coordination.

ELC's Green Regs & Ham Breakfast Event

Oct 6 2015 - 1:00pm to 3:00pm

Is Canada ready for the Paris Climate Conference in December 2015? 

Join us for a lively discussion on green regulations over a hearty breakfast of eggs and ham!

The ELC is excited to host a very timely discussion on what Canada and Alberta need to do to show their strong climate commitments in view of the upcoming Paris Climate Conference in December 2015. This global event has been touted as the "world’s last best chance to reach an agreement on cutting carbon emissions”.


University of Calgary, Downtown Campus, Event Centres B+C
906 8 Avenue SW
Calgary , AB

ELC launches Our North Saskatchewan regional plan website

The Environmental Law Centre has launched a new website focusing on environmental planning in the North Saskatchewan Region. The ELC's Jason Unger posted that the site's purpose is to:

"foster dissemination of environmental information that is central to this planning"

and that the site will provide:

  • Links to environmental information (regarding water, air, land, biodiversity, and cumulative effects),
  • Background information on regional plans, and
  • Starts the discussion around risks and opportunities in the regional planning context

Environmental Law Centre News Brief, November 25, 2013

The Environmental Law Centre has published the November 25, 2013 issue of News Brief.


  • Celebrating the many contributions of James Palmer, community leader and philanthropist
  • Alberta's new wetland policy: Baby steps in an adult world
  • Pembina ruling shines spotlight on need for reform
  • A confidential mess: The problem with confidentiality when cleaning up pollution
  • Other News from the Environmental Law Centre

Property rights & environmental protection: Conflict or confluence (Webinar)

Jan 18 2012 - 7:00pm to 8:00pm

What does our legal history have to say about our property rights? When do we move from confluence to conflict in reaching environmental objectives on our land? Is there a place for the “public interest” on private property?

The Alberta Government has recently struck a task force to consult with landowners regarding property rights. Undoubtedly this is in response to concerns raised around the impact of the Alberta Land Stewardship Act (and other laws) on a landowner’s property rights.

Environmental Law Centre News Brief on Administrative Law

The latest issue of the Environmental Law Centre's News Brief is a primer on "administrative law":

Ever wondered who governs the government? Need to know how to challenge a decision made by an administrative board (like the ERCB, for example)? If so, the new issue of News Brief - Vol. 26 No.4 - is a must-read.

Alberta Land Stewardship Act: Digging Deeper (Webinar)

Nov 23 2011 - 7:00pm to 8:00pm

The Alberta Land Stewardship Act (ALSA), which provides the legal framework for the province’s new land use planning and management system, has been in effect for two years. During that time, a first regional plan has been released in draft form, with a second soon to follow, and the first ALSA regulations have been enacted.


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