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Bow Riverkeeper, with the support of Alberta Ecotrust and Alberta Environmental Network, held three webinars (online workshops) over the last six months to build the capacity and knowledge of those interested and involved in Alberta's water issues.

The webinars explored three topics: shared governance in the watershed context, the basics of groundwater science and the knowledge gaps, and groundwater policy and regulation in Alberta and beyond. As well, you will find a compilation of useful resources on each topic for further developing your knowledge.

Experts presented each webinar and shared their knowledge and insight with participants. These presentations are now available online. Read More

Bow River News - Oct 9th, 2007

Bow Riverkeeper

1. How can we rejuvenate Alberta's Water for Life Strategy?

Alberta's Water for Life Strategy is under review. As part of this review process, a coalition of citizen-based organizations came together and submitted a report to the Alberta Water Council outlining its analysis and review of the strategy. Issues addressed in this report include: funding, protection of drinking water sources, progress made on protecting healthy aquatic ecosystems, watershed planning, shared governance, and water conservation.

Read more: Read More

Alberta Faces Key Licensing Decision

Bow Riverkeeper

For more information, see website:

A proposal before Alberta Environment would give the largest water licence holder in all of southern Alberta the role of water broker. While this proposal affects only one licence in a rural part of Alberta, the ramifications of its approval will affect the overall management and allocation of water across Alberta.

If the government approves this proposal, they will effectively be handing off important decision-making power to a private interest. This would open the door for other licence holders to "amend" their licences, potentially perpetuating a private water market in the province. It is time the government stepped in to find a solution that meets everyone's needs - not just those of the water licensees. Read More

Democratizing our Prairie Waters

New coalition asks public, in a series of 10 regional forums, what they expect from governments to protect prairie waters

September 27, 2007 

Lethbridge – This week a new coalition of environmental groups is seeking to hear citizens' expectations for water management by hosting 10 public forums across the Prairie Provinces.

Made up of the Sierra Club of Canada — Prairie Chapter, Manitoba EcoNetwork, Saskatchewan Environmental Society, and Bow Riverkeeper, the Prairie Water Coalition came together under recognition that an expansive river network that provides water to communities, farms, industries and ecosystems connects the Prairie Provinces. The groups point to the need for more cross-border collaboration and cooperation to protect the regions vital waters. Read More

Amendment would give blank cheque to irrigators

Bow Riverkeeper

For Immediate Release: September 5, 2007

A proposal before Alberta Environment would give the largest water license holder in all of southern Alberta the role of water broker. The Eastern Irrigation District located in southern Alberta has asked Alberta Environment for an amendment to its water allocation originally granted in 1903. "If granted, the amendment would allow the EID to deal out water to uses other than irrigation or agriculture," said Bow Riverkeeper Danielle Droitsch. Read More

What are your thoughts on a "renewed" Water for Life strategy for Alberta?

At the request of Alberta Environment Minister Rob Renner, the Alberta Water Council - a multi-stakeholder, consensus-based organization representing all interests in water management and use in Alberta - is developing recommendations on the renewal of the provincial water strategy, Water of Life. The renewal is part of the Premier's Mandate letter to Minister Renner, and a priority for Government. Now Alberta Water Council is asking for your voice in the process. Read More


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