Fireweed Friday and AGM (Fireweed Institute)

June Fireweed Friday Meeting
The One Tonne Challenge: Our Personal Contributions to Canada's Kyoto Commitment
and the Fireweed AGM

Friday, June 10, 2005, 7:00 to 9:30 pm
Robertson-Wesley United Church, Memorial Hall, 10209 123 Street

After a contentious Federal budget vote as well as the release of the Federal Government's Kyoto targets, all of us now need to play our part in reducing our greenhouse gases. Come and hear Shelley Sabo from Environment Canada's Project Green as she explains the One Tonne Challenge and describes some of the initiatives being taken locally here in Edmonton. In addition, Godo Stoyko, fascinating award-winning speaker and author as well as President of Carbon Busters, Inc will discuss the range of doable, innovative actions for individuals and workplaces that can assist in reducing greenhouse gases. One example of a larger change was his construction of a solar-powered, off-grid home that has been a 71% reduction in CO2 emissions from a standard home.

This Fireweed Friday will also include our AGM. This is a significant AGM as the Council has decided to put the Fireweed Institute into "hibernation" for now. We were unable to get our funding for an Executive Director and our volunteers cannot keep the activities going at the same level. Therefore, we need to have a quorum there who can discuss and vote on this recommendation. We also want to thank everyone who has had a part in the building of the Fireweed Institute and its vision. Please join us for the educational and milestone moment! Food and music will be part of our celebration!