Parkland Book Launch and Tour

Parkland Institute presents three events celebrating our latest book:

The Return of the Trojan Horse: Alberta and the New World (Dis)Order

Book Launch - Edmonton
Thursday, June 9th, 2005
7:30 - 9:30 pm
Edmonton Room, Stanley Milner Library

  • Public lecture panel featuring: Trevor Harrison (Editor), and two other chapter authors: Jean LaFrance and Tom Fuller
  • Question and Answer period

*Will be followed by a reception (and cash bar) with several of the authors available
Cosponsored by the Edmonton Public Library

Red Deer speakers' panel
Sunday, June 12th, 2005
Room 1303, Red Deer College
7:00 - 9:00 pm
Featuring: Trevor Harrison (Editor), and chapter authors, Ken Larson and Alison Taylor

Calgary speakers' panel
Monday, June 13th, 2005
7:30 - 9:30 pm
Professional Faculties Bldg. Rm 128, University of Calgary
Featuring: Editor, Trevor Harrison, and two other authors in the book: Gillian Steward and Keith Brownsey

The Book:

In 1995, the book, "The Trojan Horse: Alberta and the Future of Canada," was released. It started with the George Orwell quote: "If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear." A year later, many of these authors were involved in the launch of the Parkland Institute.

Ten years later, co-editor, Trevor Harrison, former Research Director of the Parkland Institute, has edited a new book: The Return of the Trojan Horse: Alberta, Canada, and the New World (Dis)Order. Featuring some of the original chapter authors and some new voices, this book, updates the original text and goes beyond to examine the long-term lessons of the Klein revolution and to suggest where Alberta and Canada may be headed in the next decade. It is an original compilation of critical essays on Alberta's policies, written by some of Alberta's (and Canada's) best authors who come from a wide spectrum of viewpoints and backgrounds, all blending insight with journalistic flair.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction - Trevor W. Harrison

Politics and Ideology
Chapter 2 Ralph Klein and the Hollowing of Alberta - Keith Brownsey
Chapter 3 King Ralph, the Ministry of Truth, and the Media in Alberta - Shannon Sampert
Chapter 4 Elite Politics: The Politics of Private Health Care in Alberta - Gillian Steward
Chapter 5 The Politics of De-Politicization: Neo-Liberalism and Popular Consent in Alberta - Dennis Soron
Chapter 6 Language and Power: "Special Interests" in Alberta's Political Discourse - Trevor W. Harrison, William Johnston, and Harvey Krahn
Chapter 7 The Best Government Money Can Buy? Political Contributions in Alberta - Trevor W. Harrison

Economics and the Environment
Chapter 8 Not Just About Money: Provincial Budgets and Political Ideologies - Greg Flanagan
Chapter 9 Alberta's Land, Water, and Air: Any Reasons Not to Despair? - Ian Urquhart
Chapter 10 Spent Energy: Re-Fueling the Alberta Advantage - Gordon Laird
Chapter 11 Silent Lies and Alberta's Looming Water Crisis - Jim Byrne
Chapter 12 Alberta's Thirty Years War Against the Family Farm - Ken Larsen

Sectors and People
Chapter 13 From Manning to Mazankowski and Beyond: Alberta's Fight to Privatize Health Care - Tammy Horne
Chapter 14 A New Regime of Accountability for Alberta's Public Schools - Alison Taylor, Lynette Shultz, and Diane Wishart Leard
Chapter 15 Campus Alberta Inc.: New Directions for Post-Secondary Education - Brian Titley
Chapter 16 Does Our Path Have a Heart? Children's Services in Alberta - Jean Lafrance
Chapter 17 When Martha and Henry Are Poor: The Poverty of Alberta's Social Assistance Programs - Julie Black and Yvonne Stanford
Chapter 18 The Art of Contradiction: Women in Ralph Klein's Alberta - Lois Harder and Linda Trimble
Chapter 19 Exceptional Measures: Public Sector Labour Relations in Alberta - Tom Fuller and Patricia Hughes-Fuller
Chapter 20 The Arrested Development of Queer Rights in Alberta, 1990-2004 - Julie Lloyd and Laura Bonnett

Chapter 21 Conclusion and Recommendations - Trevor W. Harrison

The book will be sold at the events and will be available from the Parkland Institute after June 9th, for $28.88 including g.s.t. plus $2 shipping. Books will also be available at participating bookstores.

It is co-published with Black Rose Books. 360 pages, 6x9, bibliography Paperback ISBN: 1-55164-254-9 $26.99

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