Sustainable Calgary's State of Our City Report 2004 is Now Available

We are pleased to announce the official release of Sustainable Calgary's State of Our City Report 2004. It is available on our website at

If you would like a hard copy of the report you can drop by our offices at Suite 201 - 1225a Kensington Rd. NW and purchase a copy for $10. Charging this nominal fee for the report will enable Sustainable Calgary to help cover some costs for future related programs (described below), and encourages readers to access the report online to save paper.

The report represents almost a decade of tracking ecological, social and economic sustainability and quality of life trends in Calgary. The report documents 36 indicators in six sectors (Resource Use, Natural Environment, Community, Health and Wellness, Education, and Economy). Over the years, Sustainable Calgary has engaged more than 2,000 Calgarians in the process of selecting, researching and documenting these indicators. The report reveals that of the 36 indicators documented, 10 get a negative grade, 11 get a positive grade and for the remaining 15, the jury is still out.

The most critical challenge Calgary faces is creating an economy where not only the average Calgarian, but every Calgarian, has the opportunity to prosper and share in our city’s good fortune. A second challenge is shifting to more socially, ecologically, and economically sustainable forms of community design, land use, mobility, and infrastructure­what some call Smart Growth.

The report also highlights how some sustainability conditions in Calgary are improving. Over the past decade Calgary has made progress in air quality, water conservation, and the use of wind energy to drive our C-trains. The diversity and vibrancy of arts and cultural activities on offer has grown tremendously. Volunteerism remains strong and our unique community associations support vibrant communities.

We hope to interact with you later this year as we use the report results as a means to engage Calgarians to develop a "Citizens' Agenda for the Transformation to a Sustainable Calgary." We want to move from reporting to action.

Please share news of the report with any of your colleagues who might be interested in how Calgary is faring on the sustainability barometer. Thank you for your commitment to a sustainable Calgary.

Sustainable Calgary