Action Alert: Have your say on Plan It Calgary

Sierra Club of Canada — Chinook Group

Now is your chance to tell City Hall what its priorities should be for planning Calgary's growth this century.

On Wednesday, April 16, the City of Calgary's Standing Policy Committee on Land Use, Planning and Transportation will discuss the results of the Plan It Calgary process, and come up with recommendations for how the city should proceed with a long-term growth strategy.

Plan It gathered input from citizens through surveys and focus groups held last year on how the city should handle an estimated population growth of 1.3 million over the next 50 to 70 years. It involved discussion on three scenarios for growth, including a "business as usual" approach that would require expanding Calgary's land base by 85 % (the size of 40 Nose Hill parks), a "compact" scenario that says no new land will be used for development, and a "hybrid" scenario of the two.

The public surveys show Calgarians' overwhelming support for sustainable choices, such as more funding for public transit, and higher density development according to Smart Growth principles. And, virtually all the key indicators of sustainability are met with the "compact" scenario… but will City council listen?

Wednesday's meeting will be the only chance for citizens to voice their opinions on the issue before it is forwarded to city council for decisions, so email, call or write your aldermen and/or show up at the meeting to have your say on the future of our city!

More information on Plan It Calgary is available on the city's website at (search Plan It)

Also see Sustainable Calgary's Plan It information at

The meeting starts at 9:30 am in the Engineering Traditions Committee Room, on the ground floor of old City Hall.

The committee's email address is: [email protected]

Contact info for city council members can be found on the Mayor's Office and Aldermanic Offices websites on

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