Election Day of Action: Call Premier Stelmach and your candidates - Keep Alberta Nuclear-Free

Sierra Club of Canada — Prairie Chapter

On Friday Febuary 29th, the Sierra Club, along with citizens and groups from across Alberta, will be mobilizing a mass call-in day to candidates and party leaders to let them know that its time to stand up for the environment and future generations, and that Albertans want to Keep Alberta Nuclear Free!

Join with us, participate and spread the word to your groups and listserves.

Stelmach, while on his campaign trail, has been consistently confronted and challenged to address the escalating concerns around environmental and social impacts of his governments "growth at all costs" agenda. A new addition to this agenda is the proposal that his government is considering to bring Nuclear Energy to Alberta - a proposal that has Albertans across the province mobilizing in opposition and expressing their concern. Nuclear energy is not safe, clean or green - it leaves a toxic and dangerous legacy for future generations. Nuclear energy is anything but clean, especially when you consider environmental destructive nature of uranium mining, the implications of deadly radioactive waste, the amount of water needed for nuclear power, and the environmental justice and human rights impacts on indigenous peoples throughout the world from the uranium mining and nuclear industry. After 50 years, there is no safe long term solution for managing nuclear waste. The track record for nuclear reactors is poor, with most being subject to huge cost overruns, and with many of them breaking down early and requiring high repair costs. Up until now, there have been no nuclear plants in Alberta or Western Canada - but now reactors are being proposed for Peace River, and continue to be considered for Whitecourt. Opposition to the proposal is building, and many folks are concerned about the health, safety, social, economic and environmental impacts associated with nuclear energy!

It is now time for Albertan politicians take their lead from the people of our province and use their political power to help create a clean and safe energy future for all Albertans. JOIN IN THE WAVE OF DEMOCRACY AND SEND A MESSAGE TO YOUR POLITICAL CANDIDATES AND TO STELMACH THAT WE EXPECT ACTION - KEEP ALBERTA NUCLEAR FREE!

Calling your MLA candidates is an important way to let them know your expectations for leadership. They are particularly receptive to your concerns during elections. It is also an important strategy get these important issues into the forefront of debate and to ensure that commitments are made that they can be held accountable on, if elected. Phone calls have more impact than emails or letters, as they are direct personal contact, are thought to represent more urgency and more people, and show an active and engaged voter who is willing to take the time and the courage to hold their politicians accountable!

  • Firstly, Call Ed Stelmach at (780)998-4456 and Liberal Leader Kevin Taft at 780-483-9107
  • Then, Find YOUR candidates' numbers by viewing the contacts spreadsheet - click here! Call them and ask them their position on nuclear energy and let them know you want to keep Alberta Nuclear Free and that you support a government that invests in real safe and clean renewable energy solutions.

Please record your answers and send to [email protected] where they will be tracked on the organizations candidate tracker. Encourage your friends and neighbours to check the site out and see where your candidates stand on the issues that are important to the province!


"Hi there, my name is (insert name). I would like to speak to Ed Stelmach or someone responsible for his campaign." Once that person is on the phone, "Thank you for taking my call. I have an important question to ask the Premier/Leader/Candidate. I am hoping you can answer for me to inform my voting decisions as a constituent (or Albertan resident for either premier/leader). Given their is rising concern over the prospect of Nuclear energy in the province, would your government agree to a no nuclear energy policy for Alberta? What is your stance on nuclear energy?"

After they answer, let them know how you feel about nuclear energy and that you that this is an issue that will influence your vote and what you need them to do about it. Let them know that Albertans want a government that will invest in clean and safe renewable energy sources and energy conservation programs, and that nuclear should not be an option!

Finally, Follow-up with an email.

Remember to Take note of their responses to your question and email[email protected], to let them know what your candidates said! All received responses will be posted at: www.conservationvoters.ab.ca, so other people from your riding can make informed decisions on who to vote for! Check out www.conservationvoters.ab.ca to see if your candidate already has taken a stance on nuclear energy!

Calling your MLA candidates and Premier Stelmach takes 5-10 minutes - they hear from corporations all the time, now it's your turn!

Good luck and pass this around far and wide so we can jam the phone lines with the sounds of non-radioactive democracy!

Leila Darwish
Associate Director
Sierra Club of Canada - Prairie Chapter