"The Truth Behind Nuclear Energy" by Dr. Gordon Edwards

"The Truth Behind Nuclear Energy" by Dr. Gordon Edwards, Jan. 15 at Knox United Church Dr. Gordon Edwards is the president of the Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility and one of the foremost experts on this controversial energy source in Canada.For over thirty years, he has brought transparency and accountability to every aspect of Canada's nuclear industry. He has acted as a cosultant to many government organizations, such as the Auditor General of Canada, the Ontario Royal Commission on Electric Power Planning, the Select Committee on Ontario Hydro Affairs, Siting Task Force for Radioactive Waste.With the recent nuclear proposal in Alberta, citizens must be fully informed on the nuclear issue and receive answers to critical questions on health, safety, economics,environment and other issues related to nuclear power. Come and find out what a nuclear Alberta really means, and get your questions answered as Dr.Edwards exposes the history of nuclear power and the costs and issues associated with it.This Presentation is Supported by:

The event will take place Jan. 15, 7-9PM, at Knox United Church downtown.