Free Webinar - The Water Beneath Us: The State of the Science and Information in Alberta

Bow RiverkeeperJoin us for a Free Water Webinar on June 21stThe Water Beneath Us: The State of the Science and Information in AlbertaJune 21, 2007 at 3 pmSee below to register.The public is growing increasingly concerned about impacts to groundwater and feel that actions should be taken today to protect groundwater resources into the future. It is often said that we don’t know much about groundwater and that much more data needs to be collected. What do we know about groundwater? What is the state of the science of groundwater in Alberta? How can we prioritize so we can make informed decisions?This webinar on groundwater issues in Alberta will be on June 21, 2007 at 3 pm. Participants will better understand the dynamics of groundwater systems, threats to groundwater, and information on how to prevent contamination through better understanding of how groundwater systems work.Participants will gain a stronger understanding about the state of the science and information on groundwater in Alberta, and will be made aware of current groundwater initiatives in the province. This session will provide participants with a much better understanding of the state of information so they may:

  1. know what decision-making can proceed;
  2. know what decisions need to be delayed until further information is gathered; and
  3. prioritize where information is most significant. Watershed advocates will understand what information we are missing, and how we can make informed decisions based on the information we have today.

We would like to thank Alberta Ecotrust and the Alberta Environmental Network for their assistance in making these webinars possible. Thank you!How do I to register and how will this workshop work?Below is a link to where you can register for the workshop. Only 25 people can register for this workshop, so we recommend you register as soon as you possible! registered—where you provide your name, email, organization, etc and complete a few survey questions—you will receive an automated email confirming your registration and with instructions on how to participate on June 21st.When you connect for the actual presentation, you will connect to the website with your computer and call in with your phone, as you do with a conference call. Thus you need to be able to access your phone line and the internet at the same time. We anticipate the workshop to last about 1.5 hours. Each presenter will have about 30 minutes for their presentation, following which participants can ask questions via email and begin a constructive discussion on the topic at hand. We will send out an evaluation form/survey so that we can improve each workshop as we move through the series. We hope you participate!The WorkshopTo help us understand the knowns and unknowns around groundwater, Robert George and David McKenna, both from Alberta Environment, will give us a sense of groundwater dynamics, the state of knowledge, and current initiatives in the province to better understand and protect groundwater. Robert George is a hydrogeologist and groundwater specialist with the Environmental Policy Branch of Alberta Environment. Recently he has been involved in the development of an oilfield injection policy for Alberta, development of groundwater policy for CBM development, and review of the provincial groundwater monitoring network. Previously he worked in Alberta Environment's Northern Region for several years, where he dealt with groundwater licensing issues, environmental impact assessments, and other groundwater related issues in the northern part of the province.David McKenna* began his diverse career with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans and worked on all three of Canada’s Oceans: Pacific, Arctic, and Atlantic Oceans. He served as Chair of the Environmental Science Department and instructed within the Renewable Resource Management Program at Holland College, PEI. He was a consultant within the forestry sector in Northern British Columbia, and he spent the last eight years working with Alberta Sustainable Resource Development and more recently with Alberta Environment. Currently, he manages the Industrial/Municipal Policy Sector and leads the Groundwater Management Team.If you have any specific questions about the presentation topic that you want the presenters to address, please forward them to Meghan at meghan [at] bowriverkeeper [dot] org For more information, contact Meghan or Danielle at 403-538-7785 (Calgary number) or meghan [at] bowriverkeeper [dot] org

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