Bow River News - Jun 6th, 2007

Bow Riverkeeper

1. Join us for a Free Webinar on Groundwater, June 21st

The Water Beneath Us: State of the Science and Information in Alberta, June 21, 2007 at 3 pm: The public is growing increasingly concerned about impacts to groundwater and many feel that actions should be taken today to protect groundwater resources into the future. It is often said that we don't know much about groundwater and that much more data needs to be collected. What do we know about groundwater? What is the state of the science of groundwater in Alberta? How can we can make informed decisions?

This webinar on groundwater issues in Alberta will be held on June 21, 2007 at 3 pm. Participants will better understand the dynamics of groundwater systems, threats to groundwater, and information on how to prevent contamination through a better understanding of how groundwater systems work.

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2. Support Bow Riverkeeper by Attending Green to the Core Cocktail Party June 26th!

Support Bow Riverkeeper's work and have a cocktail with us at the Eaton Centre in downtown Calgary! Our Green to the Core Cocktail Party will run from 5:00 to 7:30 PM at The Metropolitan Grill, Calgary Eaton Centre. Tickets are $35 with $25 coming to Bow Riverkeeper. Your admission includes hors d'oeuvres and two complimentary drinks. Throughout the evening, make a $2 donation to the Bow Rivekeeper and pluck a leaf off of a foliated model and be eligible to win some fabulous prizes!

To reserve your tickets, contact Marianne at the Eaton Centre at 441-4914 or contact Bow Riverkeeper directly. Please specify your name and the number of tickets you'd like to reserve. We hope to see you there!

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3. Play a role in the Athabasca River Expedition this Summer - Connecting the Drops

This June through August, there will be a 1538 km expedition traversing the length of the Athabasca River from glacier to delta. The trip and campaign seeks to highlight the importance of protecting this river and surrounding watershed. You can play a part in making this expedition a success: Please
tell the expedition team about your connection to the Athabasca region, and if you are concerned about the impacts of industry or environmental effects such as climate change that are threatening the future of the Athabasca River Basin. Tell us your thoughts by going to the

Connecting the Drops is a partnership initiative of the Pembina Institute seeking to raise awareness about the environmental, social and economic significance of the Athabasca watershed and key issues related to its protection.

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4. Better "Green Zone" Protection for Waterbodies in Calgary: Something to Celebrate

In May, the City of Calgary Council voted to provide better protection for riparian areas along Calgary's waterways. Riparian zones are areas along waterways and water bodies - the transitional zones between land and water - and are critical to the river's overall health. Specifically, the council voted to increase the zone (called a "setback") along wetlands and streams in the Calgary area from six metres to at least 30 metres - a significant improvement from current guidelines. The guideline affects future decisions to create environmental reserves. It may also prove to be a leading example for other Albertan municipalities, also experiencing urban growth pressures.

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5. The Environmental Appeals Board orders Strathmore to find alternatives for its treated wastewater

On May 18, 2007, a decision from the Environmental Appeals Board (EAB) directed the Town of Strathmore to minimize its release of treated wastewater into the Bow River, upstream of the Siksika Nation. The issue centers around a permit issued in November 2005 allowing Strathmore to release treated wastewater into the Bow River. The Siksika Nation and Siksika Nation Elders Committee appealed the issuance of the permit raising concern about the effluent's impact on the river's ecosystem, the Nation's potable water supply, and its recreational and traditional use of the river (EAB 2007c; CBC 2007).

The issue has been contentious involving more than one appeal and a three-day hearing in February 2007. The May 18, 2007 report and recommendations from the Environmental Appeals Board and the Minister of Environment's Order resolved at least temporarily this drawn out source of conflict in favour of Siksika Nation.

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6. Your input is needed! Help shape Alberta's Land Use Framework...and don't forget about the water!

You have an opportunity to provide your input into Alberta's Land Use Framework process and raise your concerns about the need to assure the framework addresses watershed concerns. Check out the Land Use Framework website and fill out and submit and online workbook for Alberta's land-use strategy. The deadline for submission in June 15.

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