Bow River News - March 1st, 2007

1. Water Supply as a Limiting Factor for a New Town Proposed in the Bow Valley

Water supply may limit a new development-in fact, a new community of up to 5500 residents and over 2900 residential, commercial, and community facilities by 2022-in Alberta's Bow Valley. Public hearings are occurring on March 1 and March 5 at 1 pm and 7 pm, respectively, at the Exshaw Community Hall. Bow Riverkeeper will recommend to Council for the MD of Bighorn to delay approval of the Area Structure Plan (AS) until issues surrounding water supply and wastewater are addressed.

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2. The Headwaters in the Oldman River Basin Need Your Help!

Unless the new Minister of Sustainable Resource Development (SRD), Ted Morton, hears oth�erwise from southern Albertans, the headwaters of the Oldman River Basin will face 20 more years of new logging roads, skid trails and clearcuts. The Sierra Club has called for Albertans concerned about the Oldman headwaters to ask SRD to wait until the Oldman Watershed Council's State of the Watershed Report is released before making any determination.

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3. Fisheries Act Under Scrutiny

A new version of the Fisheries Act threatens to take away Canadians' right to clean waters and healthy fish, warns environmental justice organization Lake Ontario Waterkeeper. Bill C-45 (the Fisheries Act, 2007) is being rushed through Parliament without proper consultation or deliberation.

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4. Renner Asks Alberta Water Council to Provide Policy Input on Water Transfers

In the wake of a growing controversy over a proposed transfer of water from the Red Deer to the Bow River Basin, newly appointed Environment Minister Rob Renner asked the Alberta Water Council to review the province's water management policy governing criteria for transferring water between rivers within the same major basin. Bow Riverkeeper will be a member of this multi-stakeholder review group.

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5. Join a Growing Number of People Signing Up for Our Friend of the Bow Program!

Take the pledge to save water! Take two minutes to fill out a commitment form to reduce your water use. See our commitment form for a list of some simple actions you can take. It's easy and free.