Give Your Bum a Voice! Kleercut University of Alberta

Presented by Greenpeace Canada, Environment Direct Action Network and Alberta Foothills Network

The students and alumni of this student group are raising awareness on campus regarding the source of the university’s toilet paper and paper towels: Kimberly-Clark. Also, makers of many household items such as Kleenex and Scott paper towels, this corporate giant has been found to be placing a huge demand on cheap pulp from Canada’s Boreal Forest. One of its sources includes Alberta’s endangered foothills forests.

In North America, less than 19% of the pulp that Kimberly-Clark uses for some of its disposable tissue products comes from recycled sources. Some products like Kleenex facial tissue contain no recycled content.

Kimberly-Clark also sources wood from endangered forests and uses clearcut logging practices. Some of these clearcut forests are found in Alberta's Endangered Foothills. The foothills are considered endangered because only 1.4% of the forests are protected from logging, mining and oil and gas industries.

What You Can Do

Sign the online petition at and ask for Alberta’s highest regarded educational institution to make a difference in the province, adopt an ethical purchasing policy and stop the destruction of Alberta’s last foothill forests.