Water & Cities: What can be done to future-proof our water supply?


The Centre for Applied Business Research in Energy and the Environment (CABREE) is proud to present2006 EPCOR Distinguished LectureDr. Peter Droege • Thursday, October 19, 2006 • Calgary, ABWater and CitiesWhat can be done to future-proof our water supply?Fresh Water is the lifeblood of cities and its decline has been recorded on a world wide scaleWith many global metropolitan areas suffering from depleting water resources, water security has become a major concern for many national and urban leaders. The process of evaporating water resources is driven by many factors, one being the development of fossil fuel generation. But the most threatening promises to be accelerating climate change impacts. What can be done to future-proof our cities from a water security point of view? Solutions may lie in integrated water cycle management, distributed micro-watershed management, water right registration and trading and in accomplishing a fundamental urban energy transition to more efficient and renewable models.Dr. Peter Droege holds professorial appointments at the University of Newcastle, Australia, and the University of Beijing, where he is appointed to nurture a Centre for Renewable Urbanism with presence in Beijing and Shenzhen. He directs Epolis, an international consultancy focused on renewable urban design and is the Asia Pacific Chairman for the World Council for Renewable Energy. For more information on Dr. Droege, go to http://www.epolis.com.au/P_D.htm.CABREE is dedicated to contributing to public knowledge, analysis and debate on issues that pertain to the business of energy and the environment. EPCOR’s continued support for this lecture series is one vehicle for CABREE to achieve this important part of our mandate.Date: Thursday, October 19, 2006Time: 6:00 pm – 7:00 pmLecture and discussion, followed by receptionLocation: EPCOR CENTRE for the Performing Arts, Calgary For more information and online registration: www.bus.ualberta.ca/cabreeTo RSVP, contact Doug Leong at cabree [at] ualberta [dot] ca or call 780.492.6303