AWA Open House Talk: Wolves, Sheep, Cattle and People: Ecological and Economic Considerations


Description: Wolves, Sheep, Cattle and People: Ecological and Economic ConsiderationsWith Marco MusianiParts of the Balkans in Eastern Europe have been devastated by wars in the past two decades. After the last war, large socialist farms were replaced by smaller private farming operations. Each farm risks comparatively more from wolf predation which is still rare, but can harm little businesses individually. Farmers are learning to live with wolves, despite the hardships of subsistence economies entirely reliant on livestock.Despite little or no compensation for wolf predation, in many regions, farmers will avoid poisoning wolves and have learned to accept their presence.Join Marco Musiani for a look at the comparisons between wolf management in Europe and North America. Are there any lessons that we can learn?Originally from Rome, Italy, Marco Musiani is an Assistant Professor with the Faculty of Environmental Design at the University of Calgary, where he teaches wildlife management and landscape ecology. Marco has worked with wolves in Canada and the USA, as well as numerous European countries. He is holder of a number of prestigious awards, including the Government of Canada and the Government of Poland awards.Location: AWA, 455 12th St NW, CalgaryTime: 7:00 pmCost: $5 per person; $1 for childrenPlease call (403) 283 2025 for

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