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AEN members protect and preserve Alberta’s environment by working together. We believe that our province’s world-renowned natural areas, wildlife, water and air are worth protecting.

We are an inclusive network of individuals and representatives from environmental groups that collaborate on common goals. And we welcome all Albertans to join us. Become a member of the AEN to collaborate and connect with Albertans or stay in the loop by receiving our email newsletter or follow our social media.

Network of Albertans and environmental groups

The AEN is made up of environmental groups and Albertans with different concerns but a common goal: to protect and preserve our province. We are individuals, communities, groups and organizations from all regions in Alberta that are working to protect what we value, love and what keeps us and wildlife alive. Some AEN members are organizations with teams of staff dedicated to provincial issues and some members are individuals concerned with issues in their backyard.

Membership into the AEN is open to Alberta-based non-profit or non-governmental organizations and Albertans that demonstrate a sincere concern and action toward a healthier environment.

Making a difference through connections and collaboration

We collaborate on issues that matter to our members. Many concerns are complex and challenging, but we leverage the connections of the network to find solutions and take action. This is how we work together:

Organize caucuses and working groups to share information, determine priorities and act on common issues.

Collaborate and align actions to share common concerns and proposed solutions to government officials.

Connect individuals and groups through meetings, workshops and events to strengthen and support local or province-wide initiatives.  

The AEN caucuses and working groups are the backbone of our collaboration. AEN members are welcome to participate in a caucus or group to share information and coordinate efforts on joint issues.

Join the AEN as an individual or representative from a group

As an AEN member, you will have opportunities to connect, communicate and collaborate with a community of Albertans sharing the same concerns and hope for the future of our province.

AEN members are welcome to participate in the network in any of these ways:

  • Be kept in the loop with news, issue updates and calls for delegates or input
  • Share information in a caucus or working group (meets regularly via teleconference)
  • Connect with other individuals or groups working on shared issues
  • Collaborate with caucuses or working groups on campaigns, joint communications and joint meetings with government officials
  • Select delegates for government panels, multi-stakeholder groups and committees
  • Participate in special events, workshops or presentations
  • Attend the annual AEN assembly
  • Guide the strategic direction of the AEN
  • Create a working group
  • Become a board member

Apply Now

To apply, complete and submit the appropriate online form.  The AEN board of directors will review your application and let you know of your approval.

Apply now:
Apply now:

AEN Membership FAQ

Membership in the AEN is open to Alberta-based non-profit, non-governmental organizations and individuals demonstrating sincere concern and action toward a healthier environment.
Fill out and submit the online membership application form (there is one for individuals and one for groups).
Membership fees for individuals is $25 per year. Membership fees for groups depends on their annual income and range between $30 and $200 per year.
The AEN board of directors reviews all new applicants to ensure they demonstrate a sincere concern for AEN’s goals.
Any questions about membership in the AEN or the application process can be submitted to the AEN office. Send a message or call 780-757-4872.