A vision for energy policy leadership in Alberta

Pembina Institute outlines how parties vying to lead Alberta can play a leadership role in a rapidly changing energy future

EDMONTON — Thanks to a strong history as an energy leader, Alberta is well-positioned to lead the charge in a new energy reality. In our new publication, Energy Policy Leadership in Alberta, the Pembina Institute has identified policy areas where parties vying to form the next Government of Alberta can play a leadership role in helping our province prosper in a rapidly shifting energy future.

Globally, our energy and economic systems are in the midst of profound change, and Alberta faces challenges today that would have been unimaginable to the previous generations. With the upcoming provincial election, all political parties need to demonstrate how Alberta can be set up to go where global energy trends are headed.

This vision for Alberta’s future outlines 23 key policy recommendations to unleash innovative technologies, deploy renewables, promote energy efficiency, continue greening our fossil fuel industries, and reduce climate pollution — all of which the province’s next government will need to consider as Albertans navigate this complex new energy reality.

The Pembina Institute believes the economy and the environment should go hand in hand. Responsible energy development means acknowledging how the world is changing, and creating opportunities from that change. It means having a thoughtful, open and rational discussion about difficult issues. This includes how Alberta’s economy can be best positioned and expanded with diversification to manage shifts in economics and demand, take advantage of emerging technologies and respond to climate change.

Visit the Pembina Institute’s website to download a copy of Energy Policy Leadership in Alberta

Quick facts

  • The Pembina Institute is a non-partisan, evidence-based research organization that focuses on energy and climate issues
  • The Pembina Institute was founded in Drayton Valley in 1986 as a response to the Lodgepole sour gas blowout that burned for two months, killed two people
  • We work with the energy sector, all levels of government, and Albertans across the political spectrum to find practical solutions for our shared energy issues


“All political parties need to have strong energy policies that protect and diversify our economy and ensure Albertans have opportunities to thrive. That’s why we’ve identified these areas and approaches that parties should consider in their upcoming platforms, reflecting on where the world is heading, and building on Alberta’s strengths in this period of change.”
— Simon Dyer, Executive Director, Pembina Institute

“The global oil and gas sector is in the midst of profound changes, that are manifesting themselves in Alberta today and that will shape our economic future. With the right policies, Alberta can be competitive, attract investment, spur innovation and compete in a decarbonizing world. Right now, a focus on what divides Albertans is overshadowing these important issues. The need to find common ground and better ways to talk with each – instead of at each other – is more important than ever.”
— Duncan Kenyon, Alberta Regional Director, Pembina Institute



Michelle Bartleman (English / français)
Communications Lead - Alberta 

Duncan Kenyon
Alberta Regional Director