TOTAL North Mine Project Hearing Adjourned

FT. MCMURRAY, EDMONTON - Following a day of legal arguments, the Joint Review Panel for Total's Joslyn Mine hearing has adjourned to review a number of concerns including the Constitutional Question of Treaty Rights infringements raised by Mikisew Cree and the inadequacy of the environmental assessment provided by Total as raised by the Oil Sands Environmental Coalition.

Given the complexity of issues raised, Sierra Club Prairie commends the panel for taking its time to review the project proposal and hopes it uses this time to ensure that the environmental assessment is truly rigorous and respects treaty obligations.

"We hope that the panel uses this time wisely and adopts a sustainability framework to more holistically address the impacts of this project including cumulative effects, environmental justice, and long term economic sustainability," asserts Sheila Muxlow, director with the Sierra Club Prairie. "It is possible that by using such a framework the public interest may truly be served by this panel."

Sierra Club Prairie notes that sustainability assessments have been used before with the assessment of large projects. The Joint Review Panel for the Mackenzie Gas Project used a sustainability assessment to examine cumulative effects on the ecosystems, long term economic stability, and strategic use of the resource. The panel was even able to provide constructive criticisms to improve government regulations.

For more information or media comment please contact

  • Stephen Hazell, Advisor, 613-724-1908
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