Statement on the National Energy Board Recommendation to Approve the TransMountain Expansion

Statement from Program Director Keith Brooks on the National Energy Board Recommendation to Approve the TransMountain Expansion

Toronto, Ont. –  The National Energy Board’s recommendation to greenlight the TransMountain expansion, despite acknowledging its significant adverse effects on orcas and a significant increase in GHG emissions from vessels, has once again shown why the NEB is distrusted by Canadians. Instead of learning from its past failures, the NEB undertook a review that was even more rushed and limited in scope than the original process. And it reached the same conclusion it has always reached: approved with conditions.

Unreasonably short timelines led to intervenors and experts not being able to submit evidence, calling into question the science behind today’s decision and opening the door to further legal challenges down the road. The exclusion of climate impacts from the review is short-sighted, and arbitrarily ignores the standard set by the NEB itself in its 2017 review of Energy East.

The NEB has shown, once again, that it is little more than a rubber stamping body. This decision demonstrates that it clearly does not take environmental protection seriously and underscores the need to keep moving forward with the reform of Canada’s energy project review process.

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