Media Comment: Sierra Club on the approval of the Mackenzie Valley Pipeline

Sheila Muxlow, Director of the Sierra Club Prairie has the following comments regarding the Federal and NWT governments approval of the MacKenzie Valley Pipeline with the rejection of recommendations to ensure cumulative effects monitoring throughout the project development and to ensure end use of natural gas does serve as an energy source which contributes to more fossil fuel development - like projects in the Alberta tar sands.

"Once again we see the failure of our Governments to adequately address our dependence on toxic fossil fuels and ensure future energy projects are developed with respect for the ecological limits of the regions they impact. Climate change is a real issue, polluting our air, depleting our water sources, and displacing people worldwide - it is not acceptable that it continues to go unaddressed by our regulatory bodies. The National Energy Board had an opportunity to bring Canada into the 21st century by upholding the recommendations to ensure monitoring of cumulative effects from the development, and to ensure that the natural gas be used as a transition fuel to move our country away from our reliance on high emitting fuel sources. Instead we see an old school mentality rein strong, approving a new energy project despite the serious consequences it means for future generations."

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For more information please contact:

  • Stephen Hazel, Advisor, Sierra Club Prairie - 613-724-1908
  • Sheila Muxlow, Director, Sierra Club Prairie  - 780-660-0312