Conservatives Re-Re-Re-announcement on renewable fuels not fooling anyone

Without strong regulations on the Tar Sands and other large industrial polluters, no plan to fight climate change will be effective

Introduced first by the Federal Liberals a decade ago, using ‘renewable’ fuels as part of a wider plan to address climate change is not a new or novel idea.

If fact, today’s announcement is just a re-re-re-announcement of a very small step.

“The reality is without regulations requiring large industrial polluters, like the Tar Sands, to reduce emissions, no plan to fight climate change will be effective,” said John Bennett, Executive Director of Sierra Club Canada. “If the Conservative government was seriously about climate change – which it’s clear it isn’t – they would immediately call together the big polluters and demand agreement on a plan to swiftly reduce emissions.”   

“Minister Kent should stop play-acting and get to work,” said Bennett. “He knows perfectly well that any plan without real controls on industrial emissions is meaningless.”  


John Bennett, Executive Director
Sierra Club Canada
[email protected]