Alberta court to decide if it will hear Maxim coal plant challenge

CALGARY — Tomorrow, an Alberta court will hear an Ecojustice application to appeal Maxim Power Corp.’s controversial Milner coal plant expansion.

The groups seek to overturn the Alberta Utilities Commission’s (AUC) hasty approval of the Milner project, which allows Maxim to avoid incoming federal greenhouse gas regulations.

Ecojustice, on behalf the Pembina Institute, will appear before the Court of Appeal of Alberta tomorrow. The hearing will determine if the appeal can proceed or not.

“We intend to establish that the AUC was wrong in issuing a premature decision that allows Maxim to avoid the federal greenhouse gas regulations,” said Barry Robinson, Ecojustice staff lawyer. “It is difficult to understand how avoiding pollution control regulations can be in the public interest.”

Who: Ecojustice, on behalf of the Pembina Institute

Where: Court of Appeal of Alberta 2600, 450 – 1st Street SW, Calgary

When: Thursday, October 6, 2011 Court proceedings to start at 9:30 a.m. (arrive in courtroom 10 minutes early)

NOTE: Barry Robinson will be available for comment after the proceedings. After that, he can be contacted at 403.705.0202.

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