2019 Alberta Environmental Platform Survey

The AEN surveys Alberta’s political parties on their environmental platforms

April 9, 2019 (Edmonton, Alberta) – With Albertans heading to the polls in a week, the Alberta Environmental Network (AEN) released responses to its environmental platform survey from the province’s political parties.

Four parties – Alberta Liberal Party, Alberta New Democratic Party, Green Party of Alberta and the United Conservative Party – submitted answers to 15 questions on environmental topics that are important to AEN members. The questions were asked to the seven major political parties in Alberta.  

“The survey was an opportunity for Alberta’s major political parties to speak directly to Albertans about their environmental platforms,” said Natalie Odd, Executive Director of the AEN.

The AEN is a non-partisan organization that does not take a position on issues but rather supports collaboration, said Odd. 

Questions for the survey were suggested by AEN members and cover local issues and province-wide topics, including biodiversity, conservation, land use, water and climate. Unedited responses from the political parties were compiled and are available on the AEN website. If more political parties reply to AEN’s survey request before the election, the AEN will update the survey responses. 

See the responses to the AEN environmental platform survey.

For more information about the survey, please contact:

Natalie Odd, Executive Director
[email protected]

About the AEN

The Alberta Environmental Network (AEN) connects individuals, groups and organizations that are working toward a common purpose to share information and resources. 

As a non-advocacy and non-partisan group, the AEN does not take a position on issues but rather supports collaboration. Our diverse membership of individuals and groups has priorities relating to biodiversity, conservation, air, water, land use and more. But we are unified with the same goal: a healthy and sustainable Alberta.