Job Opportunity: Program Director - Climate Change, Ecojustice

Program Director - Climate Change
Application Deadline: 
Friday, July 27, 2018

About Ecojustice

Ecojustice is Canada's largest environmental law charity. We use the law to defend nature, combat climate change and fight for a healthy environment for all. Our strategic, innovative public interest lawsuits lead to nation-wide precedents and deliver concrete solutions to our most urgent environmental problems.

Ecojustice is 100 per cent funded by individuals and organizations who share our values. To learn more about how we are building the case for a better earth, please visit:

About the Role

The Program Directors lead our program work in the following three areas: Climate Change, Nature, and Healthy Communities. Program Directors provide strong leadership across Ecojustice litigation and law reform priorities, coordinating with each other, with their program teams, and with other members of the Leadership Team to maximize organizational impact by inspiring precedent-setting litigation and taking other actions that strengthen and enforce Canada's environmental laws.

Reporting to the Executive Director and managing a cross-regional team of staff lawyers and scientists with subject matter expertise, the Program Director Climate Change leads strategy and oversees delivery of the Climate Change area of our work. This role works closely with the Program Director Nature and the Program Director - Healthy Communities.

Climate Change
We go to court to keep fossil fuels in the ground and accelerate the transition to a clean energy future.

We go to court to give voice to nature and stand up for species and ecosystems under threat.

Healthy Communities
We work to empower communities and protect them from toxic chemicals and pollution.

As a member of the Leadership and Climate Change Program teams, the Program Director Climate Change plays a key role in:

Strategic Leadership

  • With the other Program Directors, leads the Program Team
  • With the other Program Directors, assesses organizational program delivery and progress on achieving goals in all program areas
  • Leads and coordinates program staff working in the relevant program area toensure the team is effective in setting, working effectively towards, and achievingshort and long-term goals (program directors have primary responsibility fordetermining what we do and do not work on)
  • For projects falling in the relevant program area, reviews, cosigns (with programstaff proposing the litigation) and approves all new litigation memos (NLMs) beforethey are distributed, and reviews and approves project initiation forms (PIFs) andclosing For projects falling in more than one program area, coordinates with otherrelevant Program Director(s).
  • With the other Program Directors, supervises and works closely with the Director of Clinic and Legislative Affairs at the University of Ottawa to ensure law reform goals are integrated with and support the overall goals of each program area.
  • With the other Program Directors, supervises and works closely with the National Practice Advisor and works closely with the Director of Operations to ensure all program staff and all offices are operating at a high professional standard
  • Maintains team's and own subject-matter expertise in the areas we currently on orshould be working on, including maintaining in-house training program on oursubstantive work
  • Develop short, medium and long term plans for achieving substantiveenvironmental and legal outcomes relevant to program work
  • Develops, implements and evaluates strategic plans

People Leadership

  • With other Program Directors, responsible for fostering high-quality, collaborativework in teams, while maintaining the ability to make difficult and timely decisionsthat are in the best interest of the team and the whole organization
  • An ability to influence and persuade others, from formal courtroom advocacy to advocating internally for the program team; Program Directors need to model theskills of digging in and arguing their case while remaining humble and collegial
  • Actively manages team performance by setting goals for program staff on eachteam, providing regular check-ins on progress and monitoring goals (work goals, learning goals & culture/organizational goals), giving positive and constructivefeedback, evaluating team feedback of individual program staff performance tomake informed judgements about how to grow and develop the program
  • Assesses team strengths and weaknesses, identifies coaching, training andmentoring needs for team members, and provides mentoring and coaching toteam members where appropriate; ensures mentorship opportunities for core andother program staff in current files/projects in current files/projects in the relevantprogram area
  • Coordinates with National Practice Advisor to identify training requirementsrelevant to current and potential legal and environmental issues in the relevantprogram area
  • Guarantees that the overall health and functioning of the team enables aneffective, efficient and high-trust working environment for the team, and betweenprogram teams and other departments
  • With other Program Directors and the Executive Director, hires and terminatesprogram staff
  • With other Program Directors, and on advice of Director of Operations, ensuresconsistent application of human resource strategies and policies across theprogram team

Project Management & Administration

  • Works collaboratively with fellow Program Directors and Executive Director toensure that people and other resources are strategically distributed within and among
  • With other Program Directors, confirms alignment across offices and teams aroundprocesses and practices to meet multiple Law Society requirements and maintainthe highest standard in delivery of legal services; developing & ensuringimplementation of program policies, including policies to ensure lawyers andarticling students meet professional standards & ensuring staff scientists develop &implement their own program for maintaining and improving science skills relevantto their work at Ecojustice
  • Actively participating in Leadership Team meetings towards collaborativelymaximizing Ecojustice's impact by providing direction and leadership for the organization as a whole
  • Ensures all approved projects have sufficient resources, including assigning workto particular program staff (if necessary), identifying and filling gaps in programstaff resources, and collaborating with other Program Directors to allocateresources among regional offices and program teams and/or working groups
  • Ensuring finished projects are closed and assessed and that organizationallessons are captured
  • Attends (or delegates attendance at) Board meetings 2x/year, ensuring attendanceand participation of at least one program team representative
  • Oversees preparation of program updates for relevant program area (and, withother Program Directors, for the program team as a whole) to the Board at semi-annual board meetings
  • Financial planning and oversight for the relevant program area, collaboration onoverall budgeting and on allocating resources for the program team as a whole,and actively participating in Leadership Team collaboration on overall financialoversight of the organization
  • Works with Director of Operations and other Program Directors to build nationalprogram budget; approves major expenses under program team budget up to$25,000 and advises Director of Operations and Chief Financial Officer of changes
  • Serves as the primary point of contact for other departments about cross-departmental collaboration, delegating to other team members as necessary
  • Ensures program and communications staff work together effectively tocommunicate about high-priority program work; advises communications staff ofprogram developments that will affect their work and acts as a liaison andresources to communications staff to enhance program communications

Sector Experience

  • A passion for environmental and social justice issues, with specific knowledge ofenvironmental non-government organizations and the Canadian non-profit sector

Networking and relationship building

  • Ability to work collaboratively with internal and external stakeholders, supporteffective team processes, and establish relationships within and outside of theorganization
  • Develops and/or maintains a national network of connections in the environmentaland non-profit sectors

Legal practice

  • The Program and Leadership role described above is expected to comprise about 50 percent of the Program Director's time. In addition to this leadership role, the Program Director is expected to be actively involved as counsel on one of more of Ecojustice's litigation cases.

Note: This job may require additional responsibilities and duties as assigned by Ecojustice

About You

  • Minimum LLB/JD or other relevant graduate degree in subject related to law, theenvironment or environmental studies
  • Strong track record of supporting and/or executing effective environmentallitigation and/or law reform
  • Minimum of 10 years work experience, including a minimum of 5 years relevantformal or informal leadership experience

Note: An equivalent combination of education and experience may be considered.

Application Process

Ecojustice is committed to creating a diverse, equitable, and inclusive work environment. We welcome and value the contributions of individuals who identify as members of a minority or marginalized community, and encourage applications from Indigenous peoples, women, people of colour, and people with a disability.

Interested applicants should submit their cover letter and resume online at: no later than the July 27, 2018 closing date.

If you have any questions about this role, please contact Cheryll Januszewski HR Manager, by email at [email protected] or by calling 604-685-5618 x 232.