Deep Engagement on Climate Action

Deep Canvasser / Support Volunteer
Calgary (in-person)
Alberta (remote)


Are you committed to reducing polarization in our communities and looking to make a positive impact? Want to see our provincial government take bold action on the climate crisis?

Join Alberta Talks to learn the transformational tactic of Deep Canvassing and reclaim the agency around our shared future! With Alberta Talks, an initiative of the Alberta Environmental Network, we spark conversations with Albertans about interconnected and challenging subjects like affordability, public spending, and climate action.

Many Albertans feel conflicted about our oil and gas economy in the face of climate change, and we hold space for people to work through that conflict. Since February 2023, our team has had over 200 compassionate conversations with our neighbours in Calgary, and 40% of people changed their hearts and minds in favour of ending provincial subsidies to oil & gas companies to free up money for critical areas like education, healthcare, affordable housing and clean energy job creation. With YOUR help, we will bring this campaign to the next level!

No prior experience required!

What do you gain as a volunteer?

With our community and 1:1 support, you will develop skills in storytelling, compassionate curiosity, active listening, gentle assertiveness, non-violent communication, conflict management, and others! 
You will have the opportunity to transition into a volunteer leadership role based on your interests and availability.

Our volunteers have shared their experiences of being a part of the Alberta Talks Deep Engagement team.

"I am feeling more motivated to do environmental work."
"It introduced an effective method for interacting with opposing views."
"It provides alternative ways to participate in democracy."


Volunteer Role Types

For folks outside of Calgary or those with limited mobility: 

We have lots of other supporting volunteer roles! We are committed to build a lasting populous climate movement in Alberta that includes activists with diverse skill sets, from all walks of life. 

Some of the ongoing supporting roles include:

  • Recruitment Volunteer (building a list of supporters using advanced communication skills and help support awesome individuals who are already a part of our volunteer program)
  • Data Support Volunteer (creating maps using simple software and performing data QA)
  • Promotion Volunteer (you would be helping us spread the word through your personal network)
  • And many more!

How To Apply

Please fill out a quick sign-up form at We can’t wait to get you on board!