Community Environment Action Grant

November 18, 2018

Non-profit organizations can get funding to help Albertans build awareness and take action on climate change.


The Community Environment Action Grant (CEAG) helps Albertans to work together as stewards to take action on climate change. Albertans are already committed to environmental stewardship through initiatives that showcase our water and land literacy. This grant program provides an opportunity to broaden climate literacy, meaning that we think, plan, and act with climate change in mind to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

While the focus on reducing greenhouse gas emissions is the main environmental outcome for all funded projects, projects must demonstrate social benefits such as creating or supporting community- and partnership-building opportunities.

Projects must also:

  • build awareness and understanding about core climate change concepts, based on credible science
  • enhance skills and applied knowledge about practices, tools, products or services that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, facilitating attitude change
  • achieve individual and community behaviour changes by taking personal or collective action toward reducing greenhouse gas emissions

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Grant collaborators

Applicants are encouraged to partner with other organizations to leverage all potential resourcing options, whether monetary or in-kind contributions of goods and services. Co-funding will strengthen an application. All funding sources must be disclosed in the application.


  • A total of $2 million is available under the grant program
  • Funding will range between $25,000 and $150,000 per application.
  • The grant may cover up to 100% of approved project-specific costs.
  • Only single-year projects extending from March 1, 2019 and March 31, 2020 are eligible.

Eligible applicants

Eligible applicants must be non-governmental organizations incorporated and in good standing under one of the following:

  • Alberta Societies Act
  • Alberta Companies Act, Part 9
  • Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act and registered in Alberta under the federal Business Corporations Act
  • previous CEAG program

Find more information on non-profit companies in Alberta.

Examples of applicants include:

  • community organizations
  • stewardship groups
  • youth and senior groups
  • Indigenous organizations
  • teacher resource organizations
  • school-based associations
  • other non-governmental organizations and associations involved in information and knowledge sharing or development

Ineligible applicants

  • individuals
  • municipal, provincial, territorial, Indigenous, and/or federal governments
  • schools and school boards
  • for-profit entities

Eligible expenses

  • project design and delivery
    • demonstration/pilot site material and supply costs (excluding equipment purchase)
    • venue costs
    • general supplies and/or materials development including communication and distribution
    • translation services
  • field expenses
    • travel and accommodation
    • vehicle rental/operation
  • wages and labour
    • project-specific salary or wage costs
    • contract and professional service (e.g., accounting, audit, liability insurance costs that are directly attributed to carrying out the program, monitoring, legal or other professional fees)

Ineligible expenses

  • projects outside of Alberta
  • activities that are required by law or are mandated by any level of government
  • any cost not tied directly to project design and delivery, and not related to the climate literacy continuum and its attributes
  • lobbying, advocacy or fundraising activities (or activities that can perceived as such)
  • incentives or rebates
  • equipment purchase and capital costs
  • others as may be deemed ineligible at time of application

More info & application instructions