Workshop - More Parks Now, Not Bill 29

March 3, 2011 - 2:00am to 4:30am

Tourism, Parks & Recreation Minister is still determined to get Bill 29 passed. She will be undertaking some form of outreach or consultation on Bill 29 during this summer (see notes for form-letter MLAs are sending in reply to letters from citizens). Lets continue to work together to set the agenda in favour of more parks and their legislative protection before summer.


If you cannot come or weren't at the prior workshops, please contact Kristin or Dianne (info at end), so you receive the earlier information.

We can turn the Minister's persistence in passing Bill 29 (Alberta Parks Act) into an opportunity for more parks - Albertan's number 1 priority regarding parks, and stopping the destructive Bill. Join everyone sharing updates, ideas and action items to stop Bill 29 and get more parks. It’s our 3rd workshop & we’ll start with updates from all & then focus on carrying out the action plan started last workshop (notes attached), as well as brain storm & plan additional action items.

Save Our Parks Now! has moved forward to the new slogan More Parks Now, Not Bill 29. Sierra Club Canada and Canadian Parks & Wilderness Society are hosting these workshops for all interested in helping on the campaign through to summer. We’ll collectively build on the momentum gained when Albertans came to the rescue of their parks, resulting in the Minister suspending passage of Bill 29 to take time out to consult with Albertans this summer.

If you cannot come or weren't at the prior workshops (we need to get earlier info to you) please contact:

Kristin Marquardt, Sierra Club Chinook
[email protected]m


Dianne Pachal, Alberta WILD Director
Sierra Club Canada, [email protected] 
Phone 403 234-7368






Calgary Area Outdoor Council, 2nd Floor
1111 Memorial Drive NW
Calgary , AB