White Water, Black Gold — Film Screening & Panel Discussion

March 25, 2011 - 1:00am

"White Water, Black Gold" trailer from David Lavallee on Vimeo.

White Water, Black Gold, is a documentary feature film that follows hiking guide David Lavallee on his journey across Western Canadian Watersheds in search of answers about the activities of the world’s thirstiest oil industry. This is a journey of jarring contrasts, from icefields to oilfields.

The film “White Water, Black Gold” portrays the international battle of water versus oil, a battle that has, as casualties, First Nations people living in remote parts of Canada, the third largest watershed in the world (the Mackenzie) and two separate oceans (the Pacific and the Arctic).

Increasingly, Canadians are being asked to accept that large multinational interests in the oilsands make decisions over their watersheds. This is the world’s thirstiest oil industry and the breadth of this industry’s impacts are enormous — they extend from Inuvik in the North West Territories to Kitimat and Vancouver on the Pacific Coast to as far away as Manitoba — over half of Canada’s water.

Pipelines, mine — underground aquifers being drilled through by in-situ bitumen projects, upgraders that drain rivers dry — these are some of the risks that our watersheds are now facing. At present, both government and industry deny there is any cause for concern. The evidence gathered for this film over a three-year period suggests otherwise.


Please note: David Lavallee will be present at the Edmonton screening to partake in a panel discussion afterwards. This will be a unique show as it is part of world water week and is being done in conjunction with the Sierra Club Prairie and Edmonton Community Foundation. 

There is a suggested donation of $5-10 at the door to cover the filmmaker's costs.


Garneau Theatre
8712 109 Street
Edmonton , AB