Watershed Ambassador Breakfast

October 19, 2012 - 1:30pm to 2:45pm

The next Watershed Ambassador Breakfast gives a new perspective on an old idea for watershed management practices. Have a hot breakfast as the fall colours turn and get introduced to "permaculture" - the practice of designing sustainable human habitats by following Nature's patterns!

Presenter: Barb Hazenveld - Barb grew up on a farm in central Alberta. In her 20's she moved to Australia where she lived for 14 years, starting her adventure as permaculture co-founder Bill Mollison's apprentice gardener. Barb has taught permaculture in Australia, Canada, Palestine, China and visited many permaculture sites in Nepal. She has also designed and implemented a permaculture project in Mallorca, Spain at a 1000 yr old Monastery. She now resides in Olds Alberta, where she's been teaching permaculture courses, providing edible landscapes for locals, and raising 2 children. She holds a horticulture diploma from Olds College, a permaculture diploma from the Int'l Permaculture Research Institute in Australia, a Bachelor of Music degree and a post-graduate Education diploma.

Synopsis: "Watershed Management - the Permaculture Way" - Permaculture is a design science for creating sustainable human habitat by following Nature's patterns. It empowers us to improve the way we think about and use water (and land) in all aspects of society and allows us to design natural systems and techniques for catching, storing and using water as many times as possible before it leaves a geographic area or natural system. Using permaculture design we can minimize (and even eliminate) wasteful water practices in both large-scale rural and urban applications to make the most of this precious resource we all share and rely upon. Barb Hazenveld has decades of experience as a permaculture educator and designer in Australia and Canada (Olds, Alberta) and will present on proven techniques and examples that enhance watershed management practices for both city dwellers and farmers. 

Following the 1-year Anniversary of the Watershed Ambassador Program, we'll recognize the next round of central Albertans as stewards of the Red Deer River Watershed! See below for a link to the nomination form.



  • 7:30am - Hot Buffet Breakfast
  • 7:50am - Welcome and Opening Remarks
  • 8:00am - Barb Hazenveld
  • 8:30am - Ambassador Award Presentations
  • 8:40am - Draw Prizes and Closing Remarks

Register: by calling 403-340-7379 or email [email protected]
Cost: $12 per person attending the event toward offsetting some of the breakfast costs.

Nominate a watershed steward today:



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Red Deer , AB