Vegans & Vegetarians of Alberta Diners' Club

May 30, 2011 - 12:00am

Open for just under a year, Cafe Beirut is quickly getting known for its fresh, delicately prepared Lebanese cuisine.  Owner, Sam Tabet, as quoted in SEE magazine, "puts remarkable care into every dish he prepares" and you can tell with each mouthful of amazing flavour.  Catering to the customers' needs is his specialty, and Sam has been quite excited to show his abilities off to us vegans and vegetarians.  For our evening, he will limit his patrons to only the Diners' Club and make it a night our tastebuds will never forget!

Price: $20 - Must be paid beforehand, to reserve your spot.  As this is a smaller venue, prepayment is required so that we can be filled to capacity. To register, please visit Cafe Beirut at 10812 Whyte Avenue, or phone Sam to reserve your spot with your credit card.  His number is: 780-988-8821.

Meal: When we arrive, our tables will be filled with mouth-watering appetizers.  Cafe Beirut features all 8 of these different items regularly at our cafe and wants us to experience their flavour.  Orange blossom water will be provided to quench any thirst we have at that time while enriching the flavours of the Lebanese cuisine.  The main meal may be a non-menu item that Sam creates specifically for us.


Cafe Beirut
10812 Whyte Avenue NW
Edmonton , AB