URGENT DEMO! Stand in solidarity with Indigenous people of Peru! Demand Petrolifera suspend their mining activities on indigenou

June 12, 2009 - 6:00pm


COME OUT! Noon— Friday, June 12th ­ Petrolifera Headquaters in Calgary (Suite 900, 332 - 6 Avenue SW)

Reports this week have confirmed that Indigenous led protests against new "Free Trade" agreements in Peru have been met with brutal violence by the Peruvian government. The Peruvian police and military murdered up to 100 protesters on June 5/6 2009, and are continuing to terrorize people under a declared 'State of Emergency' while blaming the protesters for the violence.

The Peruvian government considers the profits made from exploiting logging, mining, oil and agro-industry more important than the lives of civil rights activists and indigenous people. One of these mining companies, ­ Petrolifera, is based out of Calgary. ­We need to let them know it is shameful that they are profiting off the death and repression of so many and that their mining activities must stop!

This call to action supports the call for international solidarity by indigenous movements in Peru, as well as coinciding with the national strike called for June 11 inside of Peru. The Indigenous Peoples Solidarity Movement ­ Ottawa will also be demonstrating outside of the Peruvian Embassy tomorrow as well (June 11th).


WHERE: Petrolifera Heaquarters in Centrium Place (Suite 900, 332 - 6 Avenue SW) (we will meet out front and than go in as a group)

WHEN: Friday June 12th ­ Noon

WHY:  Petrolifera is a major Canadian mining company who is supporting the violent repression of Indigenous and civil rights in Peru. In Alberta we know best that mining comes at a high price of environmental destruction and human rights ­ we need to show our support for the people of Peru and let mining corporations know that they can not get away with profiting off the destruction and violence of communities!

WHAT: Delivery of information and Die-In in front of the Petrolifera Headquaters while garnering media attention to the issue of violence in Peru. Please wear "businessy" attire if possible!

MORE INFO: ­ Contact Sheila at 780.233.2528 or Mike at 780.504.5601

It is essential to understand that this is not just an indigenous issue or a Peruvian issue; this is a global issue; this is our issue in the north. Since the 1980s and 1990s, the governments of the USA and Canada — along with our development institutions (from the World Bank, International Monetary Fund and Inter-American Development Bank, to our "aid" agencies [US-AID, CIDA]) — have been pushing for and insisting on the "free trade" trade model of development / exploitation, on the signing of "free trade" agreements. Canada signed a "free trade" agreement with Peru on May 29 2008, and on June 3 2009, Bill C-24 was passed in the House of Commons to implement this agreement. The Peruvian government has also signed "free trade" agreements with the United States, the European Union, Chile, and China, all of which endanger indigenous territorial rights and Amazonian biodiversity.

— From the work of http://ipsmo.wordpress.com


Calgary's Petrolifera to explore for oil in uncontacted Peruvian tribe's land.

"A Canadian oil company has signed a deal with Peru's government allowing it to explore land inhabited by one of the world¹s last uncontacted tribes," writes Survivor International, "the only international organization supporting tribal peoples worldwide," according to its website .

Petrolifera, a Calgary-based oil and gas company, will be allowed "to explore almost four thousand square kilometres of a remote part of Peru where uncontacted Cacataibo Indians live," according to a press release  from May 13.

The Canadian company already has a license to work in land nearby where uncontacted Cacataibo also live, it adds.

They have conducted seismic tests using dynamite there, and the IBC (Instituto del Bien Comun) and FENACOCA have appealed to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights to stop them. Despite this the Petrolifera CEO, Richard Gusella, has described his company as a "poster child for companies interacting with local communities."

Yes, we hear that a lot from Canadian resource and mining companies, but "child" might be the operative word. When these contracts don¹t work out, the Canadians tend to whine and complain (and sue) until they get their way. The Canada-Peru FTA, which is going through Parliament now, will lend a veneer of legitimacy to this kind of bullying from Canadian corporations operating overseas by facilitating the lawsuits through investor-state dispute resolution.

Petrolifera is 24 per cent owned by Conacher Oil and Gas Limited, which works out of the same address but which is primarily invested in Alberta tar sands. Hardly a poster child for sustainable development either.

Take Action of your own!!

Petrolifera Head Office
900, 332 - 6 Avenue SW
Calgary, Alberta, Canada  T2P 0B2

T 403.539.8450
F 403.538.6225
[email protected]

Indigenous Peoples Solidarity Movement Demands of the Peruvian Government

  1. Immediately suspend violent repression of indigenous protests and the State of Emergency
  2. Repeal the Free Trade Laws that allow oil, logging, and agricultural corporations easy entry into indigenous territories
  3. Respect indigenous peoples' constitutionally guaranteed rights to self-determination, to their ancestral territories, and to prior consultation
  4. Enter into good faith process of dialogue with indigenous peoples to resolve this conflict

Write, Phone and Fax the Peruvian Embassy


Tel: (613) 238-1777
Fax: (613) 232-3062
E-mail: [email protected]


Tel: (613) 233-2721
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Petrolifera Headquaters
900 - 332 6 Avenue SW
Calgary , AB