Sustainable Living Book Discussion: Sea Sick — The Global Ocean in Crisis by Alanna Mitchell

March 18, 2010 - 12:00am to 1:30am

Looking for a chance to chat about trends and issues in Calgary these days? Consider joining the Sustainable Living Book discussion at the Calgary Public Library.  

Sea Sick — The Global Ocean in Crisis by Alanna Mitchell
Discussion Facilitated by Author Chris Turner

Mitchell outlines the crisis facing the world’s oceans, bringing together work from disparate research that has never before been considered as a whole. She describes the oceans as the “mother eco-system” that contain the switch to life on earth, and argues that our concern the atmosphere and land has allowed us to ignore what is happening to the habitat of most of the earth’s living creatures. She argues that our concerns should be directed to ocean acidification, the increase in size and density of marine dead zones and the destruction of coral reefs.  

What Next?

Hope in the Dark: Untold Stories, Wild Possibilities by Rebecca Solnit – April 14, 2010
Facilitated by EcoLiving

Solnit argues persuasively activism and dissent is far healthier today than many believe. Activists often fail to recognize the power of their activity and her goal is "to throw out the crippling assumptions with which many activists proceed." Using examples such as the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Zapatista uprising, the successful protests against nuclear testing in Nevada and others, she makes the case that we have the power to change the world.  

The Book Club is free, you can drop in but best to register for this one. Register using with your library card online to ensure a seat at or by calling 403-260-2620.


4th Floor North Meeting Room, Calgary Public Library
616 Macleod Trail SE
Calgary , AB