The right to a healthy environment

Why now is Canada’s time to act

June 23, 2021 - 2:00pm

You are invited to a special Q&A session on how legal recognition of the right to a healthy environment can better protect the people and places we love.

In April, the federal government introduced a bill to modernize the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, a cornerstone law intended to protect our communities and our bodies from dangerous pollution and exposure to toxic chemicals. If passed, Bill C-28 would also become the first federal law to recognize your right to a healthy environment.

Bill C-28 is Canada’s opportunity to catch up to the 156 UN member states that have already recognized the legal right to a healthy environment in their constitutions, laws, court decisions or regional treaties.

Together, we’ll explore what the right to a healthy environment means, why enshrining this right in Canadian law is urgent and necessary, and how it can impact the day-to-day lives and health of people living in Canada.

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  • Dr. David Boyd, UN Special Rapporteur on human rights and environment
  • Dr. Elaine MacDonald, Ecojustice’s healthy communities program director
  • Dr. Jane McArthur, toxics campaign director at CAPE
  • Ecojustice’s Caitlin Urquhart will moderate this timely discussion