Pedal for the Planet Bike Rally at Minister Prentice's Office

July 21, 2009 - 6:30pm

From Canada to Copenhagen: Pedal for the Planet

A new climate treaty will be negotiated during international climate talks in Copenhagen, Denmark, December 7-18, 2009. Canada now stands out as one of the last major industrialized countries opposed to targets for deep reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and one of the biggest blockers of climate change negotiations.

Take Action on Climate Change!

Pedal for the Planet is our chance for individuals, organizations and communities to join together, to ensure that Canada does its fair share to tackle the climate crisis. Starting on July 1, people across the country will join rides and walks leaving the Atlantic, Arctic, and Pacific coast regions. Using bikes, trains and other modes of green transport, we will demonstrate our personal commitment to change, and relay our expectations for a Copenhagen climate treaty on to Ottawa.

On July 21, Pedal for the Planet will be having events all over Calgary! Come out for one, two, or all three events. These events are a great way to support Pedal for the Planet even if you aren't able to cycle with us to Ottawa!

9:00am Action Training @ Good Life Community Bike Shop

Eau Claire Market 201, 200 Barclay Parade SW

Come out and learn:

  • Climate Change and Canada 101 (the history, the problems, the solutions)
  • Taking Action Workshop 101 (ways to take action in your community)
  • Movement Building 101 (working together, networking, media relations)
  • Biking 101 (health, safety, basic bike maintenance, team building)

12:30pm - Bike Rally @ Environment Minister Jim Prentice's Office

Constituency Office Suite 105, 1318 Centre St NE

7:00pm - Movement Building: Educate and Activate Event

Arusha Centre 106, 223 - 12 Avenue SW

Featuring speaker:

  • Jeh Custer (Sierra Club Canada): Climate and Energy Justice in Canada
  • Lisa Faye (Oxfam Canada): Is Climate Change a Women's Rights Issue?
  • Musician Noel Johnson

We will be leaving Calgary on July 22. You can join us on the ride for however long you choose!

For more info, go to


Jim Prentice's Constituency Office
Suite 105, 1318 Centre St NE
Calgary , AB