Nuclear Power in Alberta: What You Need to Know

January 31, 2010 - 8:00pm to 11:30pm

As posted on the ERSC website

A Public Forum open to all interested parties to discuss issues related to nuclear power development in Alberta. The Environmental Research and Studies Centre has commissioned a group of social scientists to develop a synthesis report on the state of social-scientific knowledge pertaining to nuclear power development. The authors of the report will share their findings with forum participants, and a diverse set of discussants who have read the report will present their feedback. All participants will then have an opportunity to engage in dialogue with presenters and discussants during the proceedings. A cash bar reception will be held after the event for informal conversation and networking.

This event is intended to contribute to improved decision-making regarding nuclear power development in Alberta, by offering a social-scientific perspective on the nuclear power debate, and encouraging a more constructive, critical debate among citizens and policymakers. Discussions regarding nuclear power development are all too often antagonistic and polarized debates between avid supporters and opponents. Such contexts are not conducive to constructive discussions about the potential risks and benefits associated with nuclear power,
and most importantly, the acceptability of those risks and benefits. The scientific community, furthermore, is often absent, or at least on the sidelines of such debates, and thus relevant scientific information tends not to be included. This is particularly true of the social sciences, and consequently important concerns such as economic viability, ethics, and the socio-political dimensions of risk management are often overlooked, to the detriment of effective decision-making. 


Dr. Debra J. Davidson, Director, Environmental Research and Studies Centre. [email protected]; 780-492-4598.


Myer Horowitz Theatre
University of Alberta
Edmonton , AB