The North Saskatchewan Riverkeeper

January 25, 2012 - 2:00am to 4:00am


Join the Council of Canadians— Edmonton Chapter and others concerned about maintaining our beautiful North Saskatchewan River Watershed, while enjoying a fabulous night view of the North Saskatchewan River Valley itself.

Issues and ideas up for discussion include factors affecting the water quality of North Saskatchewan River Watershed and other Alberta watersheds, including aggregate extraction, non-point source pollution (e.g. fertilizer runoff and stormwater input), blue green algae blooms in lakes and fecal contamination at Alberta beaches.

Glenn Isaac, the ED and Riverkeeper, will also discuss proposed government consultations such as the Alberta water allocation review and the North Saskatchewan Riverkeeper plans for 2012, and how you can participate in protecting our valued local natural treasure.

About the Speaker:

Glenn Isaac, B.Sc., LL.B, Executive Director/Riverkeeper, North Saskatchewan Riverkeeper, Member of the Waterkeeper Alliance®

Glenn has a science and law degree from the University of Alberta. After a successful career in the pharmaceutical industry, Glenn focused his efforts on organizing charity projects with a focus on supporting the Edmonton community and providing clean drinking water to impoverished communities abroad. Glenn’s travels with his wife, Carolynn, and starting a young family awakened him to the reality that we are all stewards of the watershed and global water supply- for now and future generations. The marriage of Glenn’s support for charity projects and watershed stewardship was complete with the arrival of the newly licensed North Saskatchewan Riverkeeper to Edmonton. As the Riverkeeper, Glenn’s connection to this watershed grows with his knowledge of the beauty and challenges of these waters.


Penthouse, Grandin Green Co-op Building
9708 110 Street (just west of the North entrance to the High Level Bridge, across from Ezio Farone Park)
Edmonton , AB