NEW DATES 1st Annual Environmental Gathering: Changing the Climate

February 26, 2016 - 1:00am to February 27, 2016 - 11:00pm

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Alberta Ecotrust is proud to announce our first annual Environmental Gathering in Alberta: Change the Climate. Alberta’s environmental community is incredibly diverse. From ensuring safe and available water, to preserving and restoring valuable land and habitat, to building a sustainable future, Albertans across the province are continually working to protect the ecosystems that provide all of us with life and prosperity.

As a champion for the environment in Alberta, we invite you to join us over three days in November to explore new opportunities to work across sectors. There are more than more than 200 environment and sustainability related organizations in Alberta. At this event you will be able to connect with your peers and like-minded individuals from across the province in meaningful ways.

The environmental challenges we face in Alberta are complex. We share your sense of urgency. We believe that to amplify our collective impact we need to come together to connect meaningfully, find common ground, share resources, align our objectives and plan wisely. Rather than a “stand alone” conference, this Environmental Gathering will be an opportunity to determine how we will work together as a community moving forward.



I don’t work on climate change, should I attend? 
Change the Climate is a play on words that refers to transforming the way we work as a community - on the myriad issues we work on. While climate change will be a topic at the gathering, there will be also be a strong focus on other environmental priorities: water, land use, sustainable cities and livelihoods, etc.

Who should attend? 
The gathering is designed for people who champion and protect the environment in Alberta.  There will be a strong focus on the role of the nonprofit sector and how sustainability and environmental NGOs can learn from and work with each other. Individuals and representatives from industry and government that are interested in Alberta’s nonprofit environmental community are also welcome to attend.

How many people from my organization should attend?
The gathering is being designed as an active learning event. There will be a strong emphasis on not only learning, but on implementing solutions. The more people that attend from your organization, the more benefit you will receive.

Why Thursday, Friday, Saturday? 
The program will begin Thursday evening and finish in the afternoon on Saturday. Approximately 50% of environmental nonprofits in Alberta are volunteer run.  We feel that hosting the gathering on a weekday/weekend is an excellent compromise for those who have other commitments during the week.  

When will the program be released? 
Alberta Ecotrust and the Gathering Advisory Committee are actively developing a program. Further details will be released in the future. You can stay informed by signing up for our mailing list or on our website.

How much will it cost? 
Our goal is to provide a high quality event at minimal cost for attendees. Early bird pricing will be released in August.

How can I support this event? 
We are presently pursuing sponsorship and volunteer opportunities. If you would like to be involved, financially or otherwise, please contact Rod Ruff at [email protected] or 403.209.2245.


We understand that not all participants may have the means to attend Change the Climate. If you would like help with the cost of registration, accommodations, or travel, please contact Natalie Odd at [email protected] for more information.


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