ON HOLD: Moving Mountains 2020

Climate Confluence

March 27, 2020 - 12:00am to March 29, 2020 - 12:00am

From the Eventbrite page:

Be part of Moving Mountains #ClimateConvergence, which is being facilitated by [email protected] ( and the Climate Leadership Program (now known as the Regeneration Learning Society) on campus at UCalgary on March 27-29.



Moving Mountains is a three day design your own learning conference. We’re not a fan of that term, so we’re calling the event a climate confluence. It is for those who are engaged or inspired to take action to address the climate crisis through themselves, work, organizations, communities or other relationships. The Confluence has been structured so that it will be of interest and value to everyone, the curious, and the established, learners and practitioners, professionals and enthusiasts. It is broken into 5 programming blocks, that can be attended as an entire 3 day experience, or for as few blocks or your time, interest and energy allow. Each block will give you a complete learning experience, with a beginning that gives time to meet the others learning with you, a facilitated session, and a closing debriefing for the participants to process and decide on how to incorporate the material into their climate action situations. This process is also how the entire three days have been arranged. Friday is for orientating how to use the confluence as a learning tool. Saturday is about relationships, mentoring, ideas and networking, while Sunday is centred on how to move ideas into meaningful projects and actions.

The Confluence

Moving Mountains is set up as a choose your own learning. We have 7 themes (science, communications, indigenous knowledge, mental wellness, design thinking, skills / tools, collaboration & peer mentoring) and a variety of approaches for facilitating learning centred on the themes. We are not having panel discussions, and we aren’t having keynote speakers. We are having participatory sessions designed for everyone to be part of the learning experience. Other modes of learning will be through the curated Arts installations, tools workshops, story telling, indigenous land based learning, campus tours, a chill out room, activist speed dating (facilitated networking) , ideation hot house, concept testing, yoga, pitching, eating good food, listening to live music, etc. Our schedule will have the themes and sessions (methods & activators) posted to Moving-Mountains.ca so that you can plan your own learning journey. This will be supported by the conference workbook, and by our team of helpers and activators, who will be there with you
participating in the entire confluence.

You can select one or all of the program blocks, and at least 2 activity session within each block. You can be as busy or introverted as you want. You can also choose to use the open space areas for reflection, joining in the art installations, networking, and more. Afternoons will each have land based activities or tours. Each block will have one activity with an indigenous elder, and 3 other activities to incorporate the 7 themes. Saturday morning has been set for groups of collaborators to meet as interest centred caucuses to have time to meet on their specific areas of interest. Caucuses will include Métis Climate Leadership, Rural / Farm climate solutions, Alberta Environmental Network, Permaculture and so on. Our program organizers can be consulted by that want to have specific goals facilitated for their group.

Have questions or concerns? Connect with us at [email protected] or at our website.


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