The Great Thistle Pull, Part 3

July 27, 2008 - 3:00pm

What: Volunteers will join the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) for its third annual Thistle pull on one of NCC’s beautiful properties at the Clifford E. Lee Nature Sanctuary near Edmonton. Volunteers will be taken on a guided hike through its marshlands, open meadows, aspen parkland and pine forest, and then contribute to site improvement by pulling invasive weed species including Canada Thistle in order to protect native plant diversity.

Why: NCC was granted a conservation easement on 331.6 acres of the Clifford E. Lee Nature Sanctuary by the owner, Ducks Unlimited Canada. The Sanctuary is included in the Parkland County’s Environmental Conservation Plan where it is identified as an Environmentally Significant Area. This designation is a result of the Sanctuary’s high diversity of plants and wildlife, important waterfowl habitat, presence of rare plants and sensitive species, and popular location for environmental recreation and education. Its marshlands, open meadows, aspen parkland and pine forest attract a diversity of animals, including more than one hundred bird species.

Where: Clifford E. Lee Nature Sanctuary, near Edmonton

For more details and to register: Visit or contact Colleen Cole at [email protected] or 403-444-3547.

The Nature Conservancy of Canada is a national non-profit conservation organization that works with landowners to protect Canada’s natural habitats. Its plan of action is to build partnerships and develop creative conservation solutions with individuals, corporations, community groups, conservation groups and government bodies. Since 1962, NCC and its supporters have helped to protect nearly 2 million acres (765,000 hectares) of ecologically significant land across Canada.


Clifford E. Lee Nature Sanctuary
Sanctuary Road & Woodbend Road
Parkland County , AB