Film Screening: Journey To The Safest Place On Earth

September 10, 2014 - 1:00am

Director: Edgar Hagen 2013.   52 min.

Free admission

Where is the best location to dispose of nuclear waste? A journey around the world to find out.

This film deals with a chilling problem - what to do with the more than 350,000 tons of high-level nuclear waste created as a by-product of nuclear power over the last 60 years? 

The dilemma: we produce clean energy but create the most dangerous by-product ever in the process. This waste will pose a threat for hundreds of thousands of years. The film takes the viewer on a journey around the world seeking nuclear physicists, geologists, lobbyists, politicians, First Nations leaders, and environmental activists for expertise and opinions on how we should tackle this global issue - the answers differ widely.

Ultimately, Journey to the Safest Place on Earth leaves you with one very large question: is it really possible to effectively tackle a problem as enormous and expensive, and dangerous, as nuclear radioactive waste?

Conversation Leader

Jason Donev is a tenured instructor at the University of Calgary. Dr. Donev teaches about nuclear power, and other courses on energy issues.  Dr. Donev has never worked for the nuclear industry directly but regularly talks with advocates both for and against nuclear power, creating a group trying to increase the conversation on nuclear power. 

He is also chief editor for the free online energy encyclopedia


River Park Church Auditorium
3818 14A Street SW
Calgary , AB