Edmonton Resilience Festival 2016

April 29, 2016 - 6:00am to May 1, 2016 - 6:00am

Skill Sharing Workshops • Conversation Cafes • Community Connections Fair

The 2nd annual Edmonton Resilience Festival consists of hands-on practical workshops, guided Conversation Cafés and a fair showcasing the work of community organizations called the Community Connections Fair. We will also have family and kid friendly indoor and outdoor activities and film screenings.

A collaboration between The Local Good and the Edmonton Permaculture Guild


The Edmonton Resilience Festival aims to strengthen community resilience through skill-sharing workshops and other events, inspiring participants to help create a sustainable, creative and promising future. The festival will also help to restore a sense of community that is often lost in cities experiencing rapid development and population growth. By bringing together diverse participants and creating opportunities for learning, sharing and connecting, we hope to expand our horizons, our skill sets and our community networks.

What is Resilience?

Resilience is the quality that makes a community strong, healthy and able to handle unexpected change. Communities that are resilient are closely linked together and can cope well with the effects of disruptions to the systems within them. The festival includes workshops, conversations and events that contribute to personal, group and global resilience. 

Why a Festival?

Now and in the future, Edmontonians face many possible challenges posed by climate change, energy scarcity, economic volatility, environmental degradation, and other unforeseen risks and hazards. We have an increasing responsibility to improve our self-reliance by re-localizing and diversifying our economy, strengthening community connections, making thoughtful decisions about how our city develops, and recognizing our interdependence with the species found in our communities and with the landscapes our city occupies. By coming together to celebrate and share skills and ideas through the festival, we will create a stronger, happier community which will increase our capacity to work together and to adapt to coming changes.

The Edmonton Resilience Festival Will…

  • be a time for having fun while sharing knowledge, skills, challenges and ideas
  • be a platform for Edmontonians to co-create a truly sustainable city full of creative abundance
  • inspire Edmontonians to make positive changes in their own lives
  • empower citizens to engage with others in our various communities (neighbourhoods, religious communities, hobbies, families, etc.)
  • foster conversations within our communities about what resilience is
  • bring together different communities so that we may reach out, learn from each other, make new friends, inspire collaboration, and map and share community resources.
  • be a celebration of the skills and elements that make our lives and communities more connected, vibrant and sustainable.


Boyle Street Plaza
9538 103A Avenue NW
Edmonton , AB