Defend Alberta Parks - Virtual Town Hall

April 28, 2020 - 7:00pm

From the Eventbrite page:

Join CPAWS Southern and Northern Alberta chapters to learn about how parks cuts are impacting Albertans.

As you may know, Alberta Parks announced the removal of 164 parks sites and the closure of 20 sites in early March. CPAWS Northern and Southern Alberta chapters have been pushing for this decision to be reversed, but protecting Alberta’s parks is not possible without you!

As we adjust to the new normal of social distancing, it has become clear how important our public protected areas are to our daily lives. To encourage safe social distancing, Alberta Parks has closed all vehicle access to Parks and Recreation areas. Not being able to easily and safely access our beloved parks has definitely made this period of social isolation difficult for many, including us!

This is why it is so important we stand up to the cuts being made to Alberta’s Parks system.

Our ‘Defend Alberta Parks’ events, like all other events, had to be cancelled to keep our communities safe.

Fortunately, you can join us from the safety of your home!

Join us via Zoom to hear from Albertans affected by these cuts. The Town Hall will feature presentations by representatives from the conservation, recreation and youth communities. Presentations will be followed with an opportunity to hear from you! What are your questions about these cuts? What are you concerned about? How are the cuts to parks impacting you?

*PLEASE NOTE* While this event is online and free, there is limited capacity. If you do no plan on attending, please do not register for a ticket.