A Climate of Change: Adora Nwofor, Black Lives Matter YYC

Season 2, Episode 11

May 5, 2021 - 7:05pm

From the Calgary Climate Hub website:

This month our guest will be Adora Nwofor of Black Lives Matter YYC

Black Lives Matter YYC began humbly as a collection of activists and advocates who share a single vision: the empowerment of all members of the Black community and to continue the fight to end systemic discrimination in all of its forms. They seek to centre Black voices in everything they do, whilst simultaneously engaging with the many intersections that exist underneath the Black umbrella. BLM YYC seeks to engage with the Calgary community to build up the foundation of an inclusive, equitable, and safe city that every Calgarian deserves.

Black Lives Matter is a cause that supports Black individuals and allies in undoing systemic racialized violence. Black Lives Matter is a cause cognizant of the ongoing struggles of all marginalized folks and strives to honour that in the work we do.

We will talk to Adora about what has happened in Calgary since the protests last summer, what work still needs to be done to create a more equitable city, and the intersection between climate activism, climate justice, and environmental racism.