Calgary Regional Partnership Plan — Extra Open House

April 4, 2009 - 7:00pm to 10:00pm

The Calgary Regional Partnership has added an open house in Calgary for feedback on its regional plan. If you have not made it out to previous open houses here is your chance. Your feedback is crucial to ensure the CRP plan has clear targets for maintaining open spaces, clean water and wildlife.

The Calgary Regional Partnership's regional plan needs to set targets for maintaining open spaces, clean water, and wildlife. They need to hear from you to make this happen.

Why the CRP matters

The CRP is a regional partnership of eighteen municipalities and one First Nation in the Calgary area. After years of inter-jurisdictional challenges these municipalities decided to undertake land use planning through a regional partnership. The province has recognized the importance of this partnership formally by stating its plan will be adopted as part of the provincial Land-use Framework (LUF). When adopted, it will be considered binding on issues as diverse as development, conservation, services, waste water and supply, and transportation. The degree to which ecological goods and services are protected is uncertain given the current language of the plan.

Information about the draft plan can be found at -

The province’s Land-use Framework (LUF) makes it clear that sub-regional plans such as these will:

  • Define regional outcomes (economic, environmental and social) and a broad plan for land and natural resource use for public and private lands;
  • Determine specific trade-offs and appropriate land and natural resource management for specific landscapes within a region; and
  • Define the cumulative effects management approach for the region and identify targets and thresholds.

The CRP can meet these important goals, but they need your support and feedback to improve their draft plan.

You can help by encouraging the CRP to:

Clearly state targets in order to manage the cumulative effects of human footprint

The CRP’s draft policy mentions cumulative effects management but does not “define the cumulative effects management approach for the region and identify targets and thresholds” the LUF asks for. To do this, the CRP plan must define management targets such as “80% of current riparian habitat will remain intact.” CRP’s statements of intent like, “Member municipalities will work to protect ecological function of riparian lands” do not establish clear, measurable targets. Finally, the plan should explain how targets for cumulative effects management would shape future decisions by local or provincial governments.

Explicitly state development targets in policy commitments

The CRP’s models offer a vision of developing an additional 45,000 hectares of land over the next 60 to 70 years instead of the ‘business as usual’ model that would mean an addition 125,000ha footprint. The CRP’s plan policy does not state this as an explicit goal. In order to achieve a footprint of 45,000ha or less the CRP must formally commit to this regional goal as a binding commitment.

Make binding commitments with clear implementation mechanisms

The CRP’s draft policies include very progressive language for maintaining what it calls ecological infrastructure: wetlands, riparian buffers; regional corridors; large patches of natural vegetation; and; ridges and escarpments. What’s missing however is clear policy direction on how these values will be maintained. The CRP’s conceptual models offer an impressive vision of concentrating growth within existing areas away from headwaters, agricultural lands, wetlands etc. However, the plan's policies offer little guidance or commitment to ensure development heads in this direction. The plan polices need to demonstrate to clearly how ecological infrastructure will be maintained through binding commitments.

You can help the CRP give the Calgary Region the plan it needs by:

  • Attending Open houses - The CRP is conducting Open Houses through March (Link to CRP Open house listings.- extra Calgary open house not yet posted at time of this email). You can attend an open house and make your views known directly to CRP staff charged with recording feedback to revise the draft plan
  • Email or fax – You can submit written comments to the CPR asking to improve the plan via email at [email protected] or fax at 403-932-2935
  • Using the feedback form — at

With your help the Calgary region can get the plan it needs to safeguard our landscapes, water, wildlife, and quality of life!

Joe Obad
Associate Director
Water Matters


Calgary Metropolitan Centre
333 4 Avenue SW
Calgary , AB