ANPC Annual Workshop — Submerged: a look into Alberta's semi-aquatic and riparian zones

March 17, 2018 - 2:00pm to 10:00pm

Program & Registration Details

Workshop will also include:

Informative displays

Seed Share
Bring native seed to share with other attendees or find interesting native seed to take home. If bringing seed to share, please ensure the seeds are from native plants and package them in small envelopes labeled with the scientific and common name as well as the harvest location.

PlantWatch Book Exchange
PlantWatch is hosting a botany book exchange again this year at ANPC's workshop. If you have botany books (plant identification books, field guides, wildflower gardening books, medicinal and edible uses of plants (ethnobotany), botany text books), that you'd like to recycle (i.e., trade or donate to Plantwatch to sell), please contact Elisabeth at [email protected] before early-March. The funds will be used to support Alberta PlantWatch.


Devon Golf and Conference Centre
1130 River Valley Road
Devon , AB