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Clean Air Strategic Alliance (CASA) Board of Directors

What we need

CASA is an influential Alliance that has had, and continues to have, a very significant and substantive influence on air policy and management in Alberta. The Clean Air Caucus of the Alberta Environmental Network is seeking additional Non-government Organization representation in currently vacant NGO positions on  the CASA Board.  

Four NGO positions on the CASA Board are now available:

  • Consumer Transportation, Director;
  • Consumer Transportation, Alternate;
  • NGO, Industrial Alternate; and
  • Health, Alternate.

If your organization is involved in any of these areas and would be interested in having a  representative on the CASA Board as part of the CASA NGO caucus, please contact either of the  following to learn more: 

What is CASA? 

The Clean Air Strategic Alliance is an Alberta multi-stakeholder partnership established in 1994  to collaboratively develop solutions, strategies, recommendations, and guidance for clean air in  this province. Composed of representatives from three sectors (government (including  Indigenous), industry, and NGO), CASA uses multi-sector project teams and a collaborative  process aimed at consensus in its work and products. 

What has CASA done? What is it doing? 

CASA has made and continues to make important contributions to advancing air quality  management and achieving clean air in our province. A few of these contributions are:

  • Development and periodic review of the province’s “An Emission Management  Framework for the Alberta Electricity Sector”, 
  • Recommendations on new, more stringent Ambient Air Quality Objectives and  Guidelines, and 
  • Recommendations on how to address key non-point source pollutant emissions in  Alberta. 

Currently, CASA’s ROVER III project which measured emissions from the in-use on-road  transportation sector, particularly larger diesel trucks, is developing recommended measures to  reduce vehicle emissions based on the findings. A new project team is also being formed to  develop a good practices guide for dust management. 

Why join the CASA Board as an NGO representative?

As CASA Board members, NGO  representatives interact directly with senior government officials and have an equal voice with  government and industry to identify and address air quality management needs and priorities.  NGO Board members are able to establish relationships with government and industry  representatives that help understanding different interests and needs and finding win/win  solutions. This is done within a collaborative, consensus focused decision-making framework that gives equal weight to NGO perspectives and concerns.

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