Call for Delegates: Tailings Management Framework for the Mineable Athabasca Oil Sands Stakeholder Interest Group

ENGO Member and Alternate
Tailings Management Framework for the Mineable Athabasca Oil Sands Stakeholder Interest Group
Application Deadline: 
2 Nov 2015

In 2012, the Government of Alberta introduced the Lower Athabasca Regional Plan (LARP), with the intent of this plan being to guide future resource management decisions, while considering social and economic impacts of development in northeastern Alberta. Under the Lower Athabasca Regional Plan (LARP), the Tailings Management Framework for the Mineable Athabasca Oil Sands (TMF) was developed and released on March 13, 2015 to enhance the management of fluid tailings in this region. The Tailings Management Framework provides direction to manage fluid tailings volumes during and after mine operation in order to manage and decrease liability and environmental risk resulting from the accumulation of fluid tailings on the landscape. The Tailings Management Framework for the Mineable Athabasca Oil Sands can be found online.

The implementation of the framework is being done in multiple phases. The first phase of implementation work will proceed in the following priority areas:

  1. Development of a regulatory framework for managing fluid tailings;
  2. Reclamation of fluid tailings;
  3. Water management implications for oil sands mines (Integrated Water Management); and
  4. Revision of the Mine Financial Security Program related to fluid tailings management.

The Government of Alberta would like to invite one representative from the ENGO community to be a standing member of the Stakeholder Interest Group supporting the implementation of the Tailings Management Framework. An alternate may also be appointed, however only one representative is expected at each meeting.

This mechanism provides an opportunity to ensure a cumulative effects-based approach is being considered, and equally important, items relating to tailings management that may be deemed out of scope of the priorities areas, have a place to be considered.

Purpose and Tasks:
The Stakeholder Interest Group is intended to be an advisory body that will coordinate and oversee the development of details relating to the implementation of the Tailings Management Framework. The Group is intended to be a mechanism to assess and confirm this coherence and alignment, or identify where implementation details are not sufficient in this regard, including potential remedies and/or alternatives.

Additionally, members will be expected to:

  • Work to focus on the scope of the Framework and implementation priorities
  • Provide direction on specific priority areas
  • Ensure effective coordination across different priority areas
  • To identify issues and barriers that could impact implementation
  • Seek input from respective stakeholder interest areas
  • To disseminate and share knowledge and information
Time Commitment: 

This group is expected to meet monthly, or as necessary beginning in late November 2015. When needed, a briefing package will be provided prior to the meetings. Meetings will alternate between Edmonton and Calgary, or as decided by the members of the Stakeholder Interest Group.

Expenses & Honoraria: 

Payments for delegate engagement support will be as follows:

  • $88 for up to and including 4 hours in any day;
  • $147 for over 4 hours and up to and including 8 hours in any day; and
  • $204 for over 8 hours in any day.

If business travel is required in the performance of the services, the following expenses incurred by the member may be claimed:

  • Use of a private vehicle at a rate of $.505 per kilometre travelled;
  • Meals in the amount shown on the bill, excluding alcoholic beverages, plus a gratuity of up to 20 per cent; and
  • Accommodation in the amount shown on the bill if service delivery requires overnight stay.
Selection Criteria: 

Alberta Environment and Parks is seeking a delegate(s) who:

  • Is familiar with the Tailings Management Framework for the Mineable Athabasca Oil Sands.
  • Has experience in multi-stakeholder decision making and providing input.
  • Is a designated representative of a reputable environmental organization with experience in tailings management.
  • Committed to effectively provide two-way communication between the Committee and the environmental group of which they are a member.
  • Proven ability to participate, work professionally, constructively and collaboratively with other stakeholders and with government representatives.
  • Respectful of timelines and commitment to the process.

Delegate Expectations:

  • Make own travel and accommodation arrangements.
  • Review and analyze background documents provided.
  • Provide input at the meetings.
  • Provide feedback to and from the ENGO constituent community.
Application Instructions: 

Please reply to [email protected] by 5:00pm November 2, 2015 providing:

  • Contact information of the applicant (including address, email, and phone number);
  • The name of the environmental organization the applicant is representing;
  • A brief description of the delegate and alternative member’s background and abilities, particularly those relevant to the selection criteria